Arranged Marriages: Can Be the Reason for an Unhappy Marriage or Even a Divorce – Coursework Example

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The paper "Arranged Marriages: Can Be the Reason for an Unhappy Marriage or Even a Divorce? " is an excellent example of coursework on social science. Arranged marriages were very common in the past some families have moved on from it and some still follow the traditions and beliefs. Families that bring together marital partners who might, otherwise not have met and wed them independent of the couple’ s choice are simply arranged marriages. Different types of arranged marriages are set around the world some of them were better than others and few countries that attempt this type of marriage have less percentage of divorce but can be an unpleasant experience in life for the couple at times.

Arranged marriages have been around since 1644 and been decreasing over the years. Most of these arranged marriages are parents who believe it’ s the last duty a parent owns to his young adult as it’ s their responsibility to find their partner for them and some would involve other family members or use the help of a matchmaker. In the Middle East and Africa mostly 50% of the marriages were arranged or otherwise it is either first or second cousin (marriage in the Arab world, 2005).

In Japan when the girl reaches a suitable age to get married the word is spread among their family and friends to find a husband with the same family values for their daughter (Yoshida & Ritsuko, 1990). Arranged marriages are usually seen in Indian, Asia, and Africa. Although some people are in favor of arranged marriages, others believe that it can cause major problems that may lead to an unhappy life or even divorce, it denies the couple personal choice and the couple may be incompatible (Yoshida & Ritsuko, 1990). Opposite Point view 1 Over the last few years, young adults were told that their partner will be chosen for them and most of these young adults can’ t refuse this particular type of marriage for it is seen as a lack of respect towards the family.

It is simply a customary proceeding which is expected to be followed strictly failure to which one is taken as to have betrayed the culture of the immediate community.

Many studies have proven that arranged marriages have had fewer divorces maybe because divorce is not an option for the couples that have been in arranged marriages. Although many countries have different ways of this type of marriage process, they all have the same goal, that is, to choose a spouse for their children, mostly in the belief that they have ample knowledge in respect to this quest and thus think that they will certainly provide their children with a successful life. However, in some countries that still practice arranged marriages, parents look upon marriage as a blessed responsibility; they make a great effort to guarantee their children to find good matches that will satisfy them.

These types of coupling are said that even though they have not been in love before they got married they said that they grew respectful affection for each other and have been committed to one another.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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