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Grant ProposalRequest Pegservices requests $ 246,322 per year for a 36 month program designed to provide online mentors who are active in the field of Psychology along with online tutors and editors for all subjects the Psychology student will encounter for 85 full time Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral level students in the field of psychology from the Ojibwa Nation. What is Pegservices? Pegservices, 1994 Carver Road Chaska Minnesota, is an online tutoring program working with students primarily at the college level and with those working on higher degrees.

This organization provides services for those students who do not work into the educational system easily. These may be individuals who have had their developmental history interrupted by difficult circumstances. They work with individuals who may not have finished high school on schedule due to adolescent acting out or family difficulties. They work with the student who has a learning disability such as ADHD or dyslexia. They may work with individuals who struggle with anxiety or depression. How ever most of the individuals Pegservices work with are those individual that have a higher Performance IQ than Verbal IQ.

These are students who learn by doing rather than by verbal means. These students often look like they are not intelligent in the high school setting or even earlier. It is not that they are not bright. The difficulty comes from the fact that these individuals need to do something to understand it and our educational system is set up so information is imparted to the student verbally either by reading or talking and then to prove the student has learned the material they generally have to perform a verbal task.

The performance orient student does not fit this mode (pegservices. cjb. net). Dr. Siegfried has put together a model for teaching all of the students above that first of all deal directly with the tasks the students are encountering in their program. It is not a program that tests the students and then attempts to fill in multiple deficits. Dr. Siegfried learned through years of working with students having difficulty that these students did not automatically know how to mentally process verbal material.

Firstly, they did not grasp all the implications of verbal material provided to them since they learn by doing, actually performing a task even a verbal task such as writing a paper. and not by hearing it. Secondly, since their process is reversed from the 60% of the population that learn verbally they do not have the skills to get from verbally imparted information to perform the task required which is often to verbally show they know the information i. e. write a paper or take a test.

This is brain processing. Dr, Siegfried’s research shows that the brain can be taught processing. Therefore, students are given a step by step process to follow in completing the required task. In the case of a test it is a step by step study process. This process a heuristic that will work every time. Tutors provide the required heuristic to the student. The student follows it and then understands the material. In addition they have their homework done so they remain on track in their classes. Dr. Siegfried’s research not only show that grades improve by one full letter grade after six hours in this program but students remain in school because they are keeping up and they feel a greater level of satisfaction in school (pegservices. cjb. net).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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