A Story About My Perceptions And Beliefs About My Life – Coursework Example

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ChildhoodAt this moment, when I look back, I see a whole life that is not very successful as I am not unable to get what I used to like all my life, my aspirations, my dreams and my own expectations, everything is just a failure. I feel that I am unable to be what I liked. My childhood was the time when I had no worries and even no dreams and aspirations. I was a fully free soul but with an authoritative father who used to be all in all of our family. My mother informs that when I was born, my father was very happy and he associated a number of hopes with me.

I was unable to see any kind of happiness that my father showed on my birth and I was shocked when my mother told me that my father was happy. I thought that my mother had just said it to make me happy. My mother is a loving and forgiving creature and she has all the love of womankind, which she used to sprinkle over me lavishly.

Ah, What a mother I have. The most wonderful mother. The most loving mother. I love her and will continue loving her all my life (Lawrence, D.H. , 2002, 56). Her anger is also filled with a lot of love and care. As far as my father is concerned, as I have mentioned earlier, he is the authoritative figure of our family and every single task is performed as he requires it to be. When I was a child, my businessman father used to calculate all the money he used to give me for small and trivial jobs but my mother stealthily used to award me with some more amount so that I could buy things like toffees, chocolates and other trivial stuff that I used to buy in those days but she always restricted me with love to not eat things that were sold on the roads by hawkers (McCarthy, Tara, 2002, 34).

But, I disobediently ate all the things that my friends and class fellows ate. Due to this habit of mine, I many times fell ill because of eating unhygienic food. When I got ill, my mother always cared for me a lot by cooking things for me, which I liked, and by sitting with me to sooth me in my illness.

She used to kiss me and say, “Joseph, When I have told you not to eat the dirty stuff that is sold by the hawkers then why have you bought and eaten it, now see that you are ill. If you are not going to listen to my advises, my son, you will again get ill. ”And then seeing tears in my eyes, her motherly emotions came into the forefront and she said, “Oh, my son, you will get better very soon, don’t worry, I am here with you.

Nothing will happen to you. Ok tell me what you want in your dinner. ”I can never forget her unlimited love. My father was very worried about the money which he used to spend on things which were not in his program. I was not a very good student at my childhood but my mother spent a lot of time on me so, that I could study.

But, as I was a naughty boy, I used to disturb my mother by not studying and moreover, I was always willing to play with my neighbour boys (McCarthy, Tara, 2002, 40). I ran away most of the times when I was asked to sit for studying. But, when my father was at home, I very obediently accepted all the requirements of my mother as I remained frightened because of my father. He was very strict in all aspects of life; it appeared that he was always angry and busy.

When I was a child, I used to think that my mother was his servant and accepted all his demands and requirements because she lived in his home but I soon realized that my mother used to love him in spite of all his restrictions and anger which he was habitual to shed over my mother and all his children.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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