Various Types of Writing Activities in Kenya – Case Study Example

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The paper “ Various Types of Writing Activities in Kenya” is a   cogent variant of case study on creative writing. Effective communication enhances proper understanding between the sender and the receiver. However, communication between people of different cultures in challenging especially in cases where there is no proper interpretation. Culture, therefore, affects communication in three different ways. One is the cognitive constraints which are the reference points that each new information is compared to. Behaviour constraint are embedded in the fact that different cultures have different guidelines on good behaviour that have profound effect on both verbal and non- verbal communication.

Last, is emotional constraints, where different cultures express emotions in different ways (Castells, 2013). A visit to Kenya with three of my colleagues exposed me to the reality that culture has a profound effect on how people convey and perceive information. Our love for the diverse culture of the country led us to the northeastern part of the country where the Borana community lives. Despite the hospitality of the people of the Borana community, communication was a big challenge. According to my culture, clicking is a form of disrespect and is prohibited, however, in the Borana culture, people agree to something by clicking.

In trying to interact with the locals, there was a lot of frustration since we felt disrespected and left without gathering the information we wanted. 2. NounsThere are various types of media writing. The two most important types of media writing include news writing and editorials. News writing involves providing the reader with important information likely to affect them and streams from the most essential to less vital information. News writing commonly follows a structured formula with leads that are designed mainly to catch the attention of the readers.

It also involves finding out the most important information that readers need. The 5W’ s and H of the event are of primary consideration in news writing. Since the stories that are covered in news writing are varied in form and nature, there may also be variation in the use of the 5W’ s. Editorials, on the other hand, provide the views of a newspaper concerning an issue. Editorials can explain issues, persuade for solutions, praise, or criticize issues.

Editorial writing, therefore, requires a wise choice of topic. The editor should then establish proper arguments on the selected topic, supporting it with correlated arguments. An editorial that is properly written commonly ends with the provision of relevant solutions to the issue in question. In presenting the solutions to the problem in question, the editor is not only entitled to providing constructive criticism but also to give possible alternatives that can be used to approach the issue. 3. VerbsPerth, which is the capital city of Western Australia, is one of the densely populated cities in the country with a population of over 2 million inhabitants.

The city’ s large population is linked to the gold rush in Australia in the late 19thcentury, leading to the immigration of individuals into the area. The weather is also the best in Australia, hence the popularity of the area. Among the places in Perth of attraction to international students is the Perth Arena. Officially opened in November, 2012, the arena is one of the most popular entertainment sites in Australia.


Castells, M. (2013). Communication Power. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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