Australian Institute for International Affairs – Case Study Example

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The paper "Australian Institute for International Affairs " is a wonderful example of a case study on logic and programming. The name of the website is the Australian Institute of International affairs. The URL for the website shall remain www. aiia. asn. au. The name and URL shall be retained so as not to have denial of service and 404 errors for the current audience. It shall also mean that the developers of the site will not have to go through the rigors of changing the URL and site title. Description The Australian Institute of International Affairs is an independent, non-profit organization promoting interest in and understanding of international affairs in Australia.

The AIIA arranges more than a hundred and fifty conferences and or public lectures a year across it seven branches in Australia. It also publishes books and journals giving Australian position and of Australia on international issues. The current site is built on Joomla 1.5 CMS. There was no availably ready site map or tree diagram showing the layout of the pages but the pages are neatly laid out and the navigation is easy to follow. The site also has share tools and social media options to follow the organization on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and to share the site via email.

The site has a lot of worded information but it is neatly laid out and with a little bit of patience the user will be able to find it. Site Analysis The site is analysis is summarized in the table below. Purpose of site The purpose of the website is to provided content for the audience of AIIA. It provides digital resources like books, transcripts, journals, and videos.

It also serves the purpose of providing information on upcoming events run by the AIIA. There should be booking functionality embedded into this system. This site also serves the purpose of donation collection. There is a tool to allow prospective donors and well-wishers to donate funds to the organization since it is a nonprofit making organization. Finally the site is supposed to allow the audience to post their comments on issues up for discussion on the website. It should also work by collecting audience stories and comments on stories the organization write (crowdsourcing). Target Audience The target audience will be: Male and female Age group 16+ Students in fields of international affairs and watchers of international affairs. Page Layout & Design The site does not have any content that is redundant.

The contents are useful, interesting, and useful to the target audience. Also the contents are well written and easy to scan as the content is represented in categories. Categories are also well-planned and named with interesting titles. The content on a single page is appropriate for the page and there doesn’ t seem to be any misplaced content on the website. Information is presented with enough white space which makes it more readable. Graphics, Fonts, Colours Graphics are used quite effectively.

The size of images is appropriate according to site design. Uses of the media such as videos are suitable too. The slider on the home page summarizes most of the content on the website and is appropriately sized for the site design. The main font type used here is sans serif. But two to three font sizes are used which is suitable because they are well balanced. The site uses a white and washed out the blue color scheme.

The images are nicely blended with the color scheme and create a well-coordinated, consistent, and pleasing design. Overall visitor's experience The content is neatly categorized the navigation system is intuitively easy to follow and find content on desires to find. The site contains a number of links that are useful, interesting, well grouped, and well presented. They are however in some cases overly extensive and tend to be more than desirable. This makes the navigation menu difficult to read and keep up with The page length of the site is appropriate according to the content. Spelling & Grammar; errors No spelling and grammar error. Proposed changes Home page Layout Figure 1 Website of the Swedish Institute for International Affairs The inspiration for changing the home page of the AIIA website came from the Swedish Institute of international affairs website pictured above. Proposed Change Justification Move social media and share buttons to the top of the page. The AIIA website has share buttons but the user has to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Going by most web users do not scroll to the bottom of a page we would like to propose that the buttons and share tools all be moved to the top of the page as they are in the Swedish Institute of International Affairs website. Move the latest transcript to the top of the page. The local transcripts link provides information on emerging issues that many site visitors will be interested in getting when they visit the site, this content has been rightly placed on the home page but is also at the bottom of the page and as such would be difficult to locate at first glance.

We, therefore, propose to move it to a more prominent position at the top of the page.

We suggest reducing the length of the upcoming events pane and appending the latest transcripts pane to it where it can be seen as soon as the page is loaded. Change the design of the donate button The donate button on this website is a pale blue, it looks subdued and dull and is easily “ swallowed” by the rest of the content. The button also does not explicitly state what mode of donation or payment platform is to be used to make the donation. We propose that the button be replaced with a more ubiquitous button say for example the PAY PAL button which invokes trust seeing as PayPal is a trusted money transfer method.

It should also have clearly displayed logos of other payment service providers like Master Card and Visa. Gathering participant News The current site requires a user to log in to post comments, events, and stories. This is somewhat tedious and does not make it easy to share one’ s posts. We propose that the site install a social media log in the mechanism.

This will allow a user to log in using Facebook, Twitter, linked in, or other socials media. Every time they post content it shows up on their social media timelines. This gets the site more traffic and cuts out the tedious process of having to log in by the user. It also makes sure we do not have to validate the user’ s contacts and names. These come straight from face their social media accounts. It also means that the user does not need to create a new username and password for this web site. The appropriate social media plugin for Joomla is available and needs to be configured for use on this website as a login option. It also means that users do not need to log in or create a new account just to post new comments.

This has an overall domino effect of getting the site noticed on social media while cutting out the process of logging in thus “ killing two birds with one stone. ” Figure 2 Icon for the Arra Plugin We recommend the Arra plugin for Joomla found at http: //extensions. joomla. org/extensions/access-a-security/site-access/authentication-cloud-based/21560 This plugin is capable of allowing users to log in to your site using the Facebook API calls.

This gives them most of the privileges of a logged-in user and has the ability to pick from facebook other data like email address, friends, where a user lives and access to their Facebook AVI allowing us to have a picture of the user to display without violating any privacy and or copyright rules and laws.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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