Are Conservative and Christian Democratic Parties Still Different – Case Study Example

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The paper "Are Conservative and Christian Democratic Parties Still Different" is a perfect example of a political case study.   What is ‘ Christian democracy? ’ Unless we answer that question, discussing the current situation and parties are of no significance. The democratic set up as a political entity was found with earlier civilizations, as in India, Mesopotamia, and later Greece and Rome. Democracy is simply the rule by the people. So what is Christian democracy? Can we say that it is a democracy where the basic structure is formed of Christian principles and the entire polity adheres to the basic principles regardless of the form of Christianity practiced?

The definitions vary. We have to rely on experts and one of the latest definitions for Europe was given by a Christian heritage that could confirm to the three basic tenets namely: “ 1) The fatherhood of God, 2) The brotherhood of man, 3) The essential dignity of man, and 4) The right of the individual to hold and administer private property, subject to his responsibilities to his fellowmen. ” Somewhere in the corridors of history, socialism and the Christian faith got mixed, particularly in the Napoleonic era at France, and to prevent the total Atheism of the times, the movement gathered in to a social unit that preserved the power of the Vatican.

We may even note that the Nazis even were particular to get Papal sanctions for some of their policies. The undercurrents that made a strong bond with the layman which caused and created a common platform for all Christian denominations went under this name. Paul Gottfried (2007) “ Christian Democracy began as Christian Socialism and gradually moved towards center and right.

Originally, its intention was to escape the bleak godlessness of both left and right, while avoiding the charge of church domination, particularly domination by the Vatican. The political situation and the party doctrines in Europe were localized and in France the Mouvement Republicain Populaire. Represents this doctrine. ” In France, many leaders like Georges Bidault and Pierre-Henri Teitgen were at the party. East Germany under the Communists suppressed any Christian movement but in “ West Germany, Christian Democracy is the party of conservative Chancellor Konrad Adenauer but is still favored by the Christian Socialism of the Catholic Labor movement.

Mitbestimmungsrecht, for example, the radical program under which many German workers share in the management of industry was energetically pushed by Catholic labor. ” (Times News (1953)) so we may say that Christian Democracy is a concept that totally takes in all sorts of political and social organizations that belong to any Christian faith and intend on a democratic method of governance. Western Europe's Christian Democrats hail from small Christian parties that have twenty million voters between them. There are thus more than two parties in any European country that subscribes to the Christian view.

Even in modern Russia, it is catching on. In this essay we concern ourselves to the Unified Germany. History The history of the movement is varied in regions. In Germany which we take as the sample, in the article Evolution of Europe (1990), East Germany was a special case. “ The case of East Germany is considered special. While Christian Democrats collaborated with the former Communist regime, the Protestant church helped to organize the demonstrations that brought the change in government last fall.

A new group of Christian Democrats then benefited from enormous West German assistance to win last month's elections. But, according to experts at the Christian Democratic International, elsewhere the situation is more confused. ''Political groups are appearing that claim to be Christian Democratic without any proof that they share our vision of democracy, '' said Bryan Palmer, the International's assistant secretary-general. ”

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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