Unethical Practices in Volkswagen's Business – Case Study Example

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The paper "Unethical Practices in Volkswagen's Business" is a good example of a  case study on the business.     Jack, (2015), wrote about how the CEO of Volkswagen company was forced to step down and how the company was fined because they failed to install AdBlue which was recommended to make sure fuel that is unburned is not released to the atmosphere. The company failed to meet the standards set and instead developed a device that lied about the condition of their emissions. The device sensed when the car was driven in a lab for the test or outside to switch the control on and off when the need arose.

A couple of researchers were involved to make sure that the results that were obtained were valid and could be trusted. The company later admitted that they equipped their motor vehicles with Turbocharged Direct Injection with a device that cheated when the emission tests done by the Environment Protection Agency (Blackwelder, 2016). The CEO in charge, Martin Winterkorn was forced to step down and on 25’ th September and Mathias Muller was named the new CEO of the company.

The authors display the former CEO as a man who had no moral values or ethics that should govern a leader. Eisenbeiss, (2012) explains how ethics in leadership should entail treating others with respect and dignity, making fair and just decisions, environmental conservation and being a humble leader. The leader of the Volkswagen company was not value driven because his decisions were not weighed on overall organization values. He did not lead by example or raise value and ethics awareness to the employees but instead encouraged foul play so that the company can have a competitive advantage over other companies.

As a leader, honesty was expected of him and the fact that he lied about their tests on unburned fuel disqualified him as a leader driven by professional ethics.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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