Management Strategies of a Blue Coral Copter Company – Case Study Example

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The paper "Management Strategies of a Blue Coral Copter Company" is a great example of a case study on management.   Blue Coral Copters is a helicopter management company that operates at Poolawhooie Beach Airport, in Hawaii Island. The company has in place a total of ten helicopters. However, since it began its operation, has never caused an accident. The issue still rings in everyone’ s mind of what safety management tactics the company deploys to evade occurrence of such accidents. The report will, in this case, focus on the seven management strategies that the Blue Coral Copter Company uses so as not to cause accidents and after that give the necessary recommendations and conclusions (Ruiz de Burton, & Montes, 2009).

The Seven Potential System Safety Management Issues At Blue Coral Copters Pilots are mostly flexible in their nature. For instance, they have experience and also the history of their backgrounds have skills related to military aviation. Apart from military aviation, the pilots have some skills from serving as police pilots to former club dancers. All these experiences make the company to ensure system safety management among the planes and the passengers on board (Ruiz de Burton, & Montes, 2009).

Before recruiting an individual as a pilot with Blue Coral Copters, he or she must pass the interview process as a way of enhancing system safety management in the company. Nick himself, who is the boss of the company, does the interview with the recruits which involves whether he or she can ride the craft (Garlington, 2011). As another way of enhancing the system safety management in Blue Coral Copters, pilots do undergo yearly check on their ability to ride despite passing the training test before.

There are relaxed standards for guiding the trainees as each one of them seeks to have the idea of how to fly the aircraft well. To stress on the system safety management in the company, Nick himself never employs untrained pilots (Garlington, 2011). Human beings sometimes do get tired when they get overworked. In such situations, they don’ t perform well as they may work out of negligence. However, to enhance system safety management in Blue Coral Copters Company, each worker works on ten hours shift.

As such, they can get some rest and report back when fresh in mind and also composed to handle their job issues (Ruiz de Burton, & Montes, 2009). Before a flight, as one of the ways of ensuring system safety management in the company, every craft must be subjected to inspection. An inspection will be able to assess any dislocation that there may be before conducting such flights. Any safety issue that exists in any of the craft before flying it gets reported immediately for further action (Ruiz de Burton, & Montes, 2009).

Other information or the precautionary measures taken to enhance system safety management, also include the contacts for the local fuel guy that, in this case, may help in the case of emergency. Nick also includes the information relating to the destination places of the craft, maintenance materials and also the information relating to the weather of that day of the flight. All these are but to ensure total system safety management of the users of the Blue Coral Copter Planes (Garlington, 2011).

System safety management also entails the issues that come from pilots themselves too according to Nick. He always advises them to ensure that the weather is fine for traveling and also ensure a lot of creativity before deciding to abort on the revenue that comes from a particular flight. Nick further issues instructions the line management to exercise a lot of precaution when letting in the clients into the crafts and also wear the safety belts (Ruiz de Burton, & Montes, 2009). Analysis Blue Coral Copter Company has strict circumstances in place that aims at ensuring the safety of the workers, passengers, and crafts.

For instance, Nick is ever busy all the time to handle the issues relating to the craft. In fact, he appointed a particular pilot to be responsible for line supervision and dispatch. In this instance, the individual would further help in all the hassles and also keep track of all the flights occurring with the Blue Coral Copters. However, most pilots preferred dispatching instead of taking some chartered flights as a way of ensuring their system safety management (Burton, 2008).

At some points, there were occurrences of the over-torques after the new pilots caused the overloading of the craft. The craft, in this case, had to use some extra energy to enable it to climb the steep Mookie Mala Canyon. The event took place when they were crossing the waterfalls so as to ensure that it observes the system safety management principles. A new former dancer cum pilot had to come in to close the door of the craft during this time so as to avoid the excess heat emitted during the volcano eruption.

Despite the love of the volcanic eruption from the passengers due to its worth, to the craft management, it was minus to them. The reason behind this is that the volcano destroyed the painting work on the helicopter and also caused some blockage on the blade of the plane (Garlington, 2011). Resolutions and Recommendations Considering the so-identified issues listed above, it is quite clear that the enhancement of the safety in the Blue Coral Copter Company’ s crafts is possible.

The management indeed needs to put into consideration all the factors in full force so as to ensure the safety of the company at all costs possible. In addition to the strictness, the management’ s decision to give some slight training and interview the recruits stands at a chance of ensuring the employment of able men that in this case reduce the accidents cases. The flexibility of the pilots and the strictness of Nick in all these cases offer an alternative that gives the surety to the company over the safety of the crafts in the long run use (Ruiz de Burton, & Montes, 2009).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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