Contemporary Organization Evaluation of Apple Inc – Case Study Example

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The paper "Contemporary Organization Evaluation of Apple Inc" is a worthy example of a business case study. The business scene has undergone a transformation because of rapid technological innovations. The innovations have impacted the business positively making the digital technologies to be continual and increase competition. Ideally, business management and other operations have been changed on the onset of technology. The way people perceive business and adaptability have improved (Applegate, 2015).   Consequently, the business has shown a tremendous shift in other instances, proponent indicates that the “ disruptive technologies “ indicate how the ordinary way of doing business has changed.

Apple Inc is no exception; it has been faced with disruption due to the frequent need to upgrade their technology to meet the market demands. The business models have been overturned and pressure to design better business market to counter the market disruptions. The existing technologies used by Apple Inc have been rendered obsolete and new technology has been adopted. Apple Inc is a tech company that operates in a highly competitive industry that experiences digital disruptions now and then. Despite the stiff competition evident in the industry, Apple Inc.

has managed to maintain the lead ahead of its direct competitors like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. Apple exemplary performance is attributed to its aggression and ability to respond to disruptive technologies in a timely and prompt manner (Saini & Khurana, 2018, p. 29). Despite the many challenges associated with responding to digital technologies, Apple has been embracing the new business models to gain a greater competitive age than its competitors and also take a dominant position in the market. Some of the digital disruptions that Apple has recently embraced include AR (Augmented Reality), IoT (the Internet of Things), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) among others.

The corporation has been engaging in extensive research and development to find out the new disruptive technologies even before they emerge.   These disruptive technologies have reshaped how consumers use products and services and have also changed the way business is conducted at the corporation. In addition to that, the corporation has ensured that it attracts and retains the best talent capable of developing more advanced disruptive technologies in the market.

Disruptive technology has had both positive and negative impacts on Apple Inc. Apple has taken advantage of disruptive technology to create better products and solutions for its customers. The corporation has capitalized on the competitors’ weakness of failing to respond to disruptive technology and has created distinct products that have enabled it to exploit new market opportunities, access untapped markets and increase its target market as well as meet the constantly changing tastes and preferences of consumers.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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