Social Work Leadership in Centacare - Brisbane and Its Environment – Case Study Example

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The paper “ Social Work Leadership in Centacare – Brisbane and Its Environment” is a thrilling example of a case study on sociology. Social leadership is defined as the capability of working creatively, effectively as well as constructively with individuals, groups, communities, families as well as organizations for the purpose of promoting social justice, catalyzing social change as well as addressing social and individual problems. In social work, leadership is achieved in different ways like offering direction, supporting individuals, inspiring vision as well as a collective action for the purpose of obtaining results that are mutually valued.

Social work organizations require professional leadership for the effective provision of human services as well as care for the immediate environment. This essay aims at examining the potential of social work leadership in a real human services organization. Specifically, the essay will be discussing how leadership is exercised in the human service agency. Additionally, the essay will describe various strategies that social workers employed by the organization many undertake more leadership responsibilities both within the agency as well as more widely within the organization’ s environment. Centacare -BrisbaneThe organization of choice is Centacare – Brisbane.

Centacare is a human services agency that was founded by the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane as its official welfare agency. This agency works together with the government as well as the community in Brisbane by providing social services. According to the estimated statistics, Centacare offers social services to approximately more than 150,000 individuals as well as 65,000 families each year (Centacare, 2013). The organization has employed more than 3,000 social workers and over 200 service centers. The commitment of the organization is to support people in need as well as those who are disadvantaged. Centacare - Brisbane offers a range of professional programs as well as services to support those who are vulnerable, families as well as the distressed in the community, persons with disabilities together with their caregivers, children at risk, child care services that are safe and rewarding, couples wanting to live a well in their marriage, people who cannot access rewarding work, as well as the elderly people who want to improve and maintain their health as well as self-sufficiency among other services (Centacare, 2015).

The vision of the organization is to envisage an Australian society that is fair and more inclusive to reflect and support equality, dignity as well as the participation of every person. As a social work organization, Centacare works to ensure that its customers feel welcomed and treated with dignity as well as support every time they access the organization’ s services. The agency strives to deliver professional as well as accountable services to the people, families and the community at large in a professional as well as accountable manner while empowering them in finding solutions and achieving their goals (Archdiocese of Brisbane, 2013). Leadership in CentacareIn the Centacare, leadership is exercised in various ways.

The organization is committed to leading social change by way of building partnerships as well as alliances, sharing knowledge and resources, engaging with communities as well as supporting advocacy. By leading through partnerships and alliances the agency partners with a range of government as well as non-government organizations so as to pursue its mission. The partnership and alliances also contribute to the development of its social policy whose foundation is the experience as well as expertise of the network of its members (Trak Search Sydney, 2013).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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