Visiting Saint Edward State Park – Case Study Example

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The paper "Visiting Saint Edward State Park " is a brilliant example of a case study on management. Saint Edward State Park is a 128-hectare park situated in Kenmore, Washington. It is part of the Washington state parks and was once a Catholic seminary. Its architecture and ground provide a rich history of the park. It offers an opportunity to study and enjoy nature. It also has two large sites for weddings and big events.   The following is a report on the visitors at the park. The research was carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday in zone 1 and 2 of the park by group three members.

1.1 Research zone and the characteristics of the zone. We carried out the study in zone 1 and 2. The area has a playground, trails, and beach as well as the seminary building. Most visitors here are both male and female cutting across all ages; children to the old (8-70 years). Most of them come to use trails, walk and exercise their dogs as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery in the park. The park is busy at the weekend.

2.0 Evidence of human impact and how it can be measured Such aspects like trail use, beach activity signage culvert, grills, trash cans, is an indication of human impact. The trails are degraded by human use, the plants by the path show evidence of being cut back. Also, the trails degraded by hikers, dogs, and bikes. There are bare patches in the lawn by the Grotto. Additionally, many of the plants along the trails are ones that do well in disturbed sites and are invasive species like stinky Bob.

These impacts can be measured by measuring soil erosion or compaction, or the amount of trash or the number of people in the park 3.0 Method used to control or direct people and their effectiveness. Paved sidewalks, trail signs, picnic tables, and fences act as ways to direct or control visitor behavior. Also, signs are used to direct visitors on how to use trails, where they go and what you will see there or on the way. However, these methods are not entirely effective because one of the visitors interviewed recommended that the maps should be improved to describe where one is going.

4.0 Reasons for visiting different areas in the park. The visitors have got different reasons for visiting different parts of the park. The most visited areas include the beach, trails, and the big loops while very few visit the seminary building. The main reason for visiting these places include enjoying the history of the buildings, to feed ducks and enjoy the calm environment at the waterfronts to run the trails as well as for meditative purposes.

4.1 Levels of satisfaction derived from visiting the park. Most visitors reported having derived great pleasure from the visit. However given the recommendation they gave out concerning improvement to be done in the park, the satisfaction is not all that high. Many were complaining to have a different lease for dog and improve cleanliness in the area while others were not contented by the trails thus recommended an improvement in it. 4.2 The demographic characteristics of the surrounding community and the visitors at St Edward.

Most of the visitor in the park were Caucasian while the neighboring community does not have Caucasian as at all. Most of the visitors were well of, and they have recommended that the fee should be reduced because the locals do not afford to visit the park. In this way, the visitors in the park do not represent the population of the local community in the area. 5.0 Measurement methods used in data collection Both the interview and observation method were used. 5.1 Observation The chief advantage of observation is its directness.

One does not talk to the participants, he only watches them and listens to what they say. The method also supplements other measurement techniques. However, Participants may behave differently, pretend if they know that they are being watched thus a huge probability of getting the wrong information. It is also time-consuming. 5.2 Interviews The use of interviews provides an opportunity to collect in-depth information and to ascertain attitudes, feelings, and opinions. The method also provides an opportunity to make a follow-up.

However, interviews require considerable skills and sometimes can be biased. It is also time-consuming and geographically limiting. 6.0 Recommendation On the findings from the study, for better and improved services in the park, we suggest the following to the management. Increase the number of trash can. This will help to improve cleanliness. Enlarge the beach to cater for the increase visitors who visit the beach. Set aside a different lease area for dogs. Put in BBQ sites and different grills as well as a campfire site. Reduce the service fee to make the park more accessible to low-income members of the community who want to use the park but can't because of the tax.

The Seminary should be used for a teaching/learning community center about nature. Put sand in the sandbox where the kids play.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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