Site Audit of Jacaranda Early Learning Centre Sunnybank – Case Study Example

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The paper "Site Audit of Jacaranda Early Learning Centre – Sunnybank" is a wonderful example of a case study on education. The current construction of childhood is constituted by certain kinds of discourses that can be seen in the environment where the children stay. Therefore, doing an audit of Jacaranda Early Learning Centre – Sunnybank site is a good move towards bringing out specific aspects and understandings of the children’ s lives. The Jacaranda Early Learning Centre – Sunnybank has a lot of relevance concerning the auditing as demonstrated by the fact that the site presents an opportunity to the children to interact with their fellow children, the community around them, and the caregivers.

The location of the site of Jacaranda Early Learning Centre – Sunnybank is strategic as to give the children a very peaceful environment. Consequently, the facility is located in a serene, leafy modern suburb of Brisbane, which is currently a thriving community in Australia. The facility is also approximately fourteen kilometers from the Central Business District of Brisbane. Besides, Sunnybank boasts of its own railway station and private hospital. http: //www. jacarandasunnybank. com. au/sunnybank-childcare-centre/ The center offers a myriad of exciting activities and events to the kids.

Among these events is the odd-sock day whereby the children are taught how to colour socks and recognize the patterns, the Brett Campbell Show, the Old Macdonald’ s Farm Animals, which is a day filled with fun, and St. Patrick day when the children are encouraged to go green. The outsiders are barred from wandering in to disturb the children. This is done through the fence that has been erected all around the yard. Inside the yard, different items that can be appropriate for children's plays are present.

These items are installed safely to ensure that the safety of the children is guaranteed. These items include the sandbox and several entertainment toys. These items are installed outside. However, in the case of rainy days or when it comes to the preparation, serving and taking of meals, the house that has been built inside the yard serves these purposes. Rains will not in any way stop the children from playing considering the fact that there are entertainment toys, children entertainment books, and games even inside the house. Therefore, , the dominant constructions of children are well understood and given the maximum attention, they deserve.

Consequently, the creation of enough gadgets for entertainment highlights the understanding that children are playful and active (Jones, 2002). At the same time, the special attention that is given to the environment is meant to capture the fact that children will take almost anything they find around them. in other words, they are consumers (Farrer, 2001). Depending on what the children grow up with, they can be a threat to society (Norman, 2003).

Therefore, the discourse understands them as vulnerable to conform to any negative thing they find on their way. Their steps are, as a result, watched, and monitored in the Jacaranda Early Learning Centre – Sunnybank. In a way, when the children are brought into the fenced yard and their program is dictated by the adult caretakers, such a discourse inevitably cuts them off from the rest of the society and in one way or the other, they become marginalized. At the same time, they are deprived of their agency (Madden, 2002).

On the other hand, the adults in this discourse are empowered to make decisions. Ultimately, considering the impact of such a discourse, it will be the interest, not of the children, but of the staff and more importantly, the owners of the childcare center that would be served. When the children are not given time to find their own space in the society, and instead, are confined to a childcare center, it is like spoon-feeding them. This has adverse consequences. The consequences include the failure of the children to learn about self-empowerment and self-identity.

This is quite tragic to the future lives of these children.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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