The Motor DC Labview – Case Study Example

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The paper "The Motor DC Labview" is a wonderful example of a case study on technology. The motor DC project we have participated in commenced on 17th Nov and got finished on 1stDec. The objective of our experiment was to control the speed and direction of DC motor and to detect the rotational speed of the motor DC. We did programming for the RPM and thermistor with the preliminary knowledge we had gained from our professor. The motor DC programming involved several steps and specific procedures. For instance, we were instructed to use NI ELVIS and Labview to control motor DC speed.

As part of the motor DC programming we built the front panel with controls and indicators. Further, in order to control the front panel articles we had to add code using the graphical representations which we had already developed. Once we completed our programming we could get the accurate RPM and voltage. The features of the front panel can be described as follows; it includes RPM control, target RPM, and a box that would give the RPM measurement. The notable aspect of this front panel is that it includes all essential displays like plot, amplitude, time, device name, supply, and status.

We had also made a while loop for the block diagram with complete internal wiring between the RPM control and target RPM, waveform chart and combined signal, the combined signal was again wired with RPM measure, target RPM, and RPM measured. The cleanup code on the top of the block diagram is also wired to the while loop. Signs and measurement displays were the other features.

For instance, sign on the while loop shows the loop condition whereas the left of the block diagram shows the device name and the supply polarity. The line on the graph remains vertical but as the voltage increases, the RPM goes higher, which would make measurement easier. In short, the experiment was a challenging reward that helped us test our own understanding on the effective use of NI ELVIS and LabView. We found that LabView was really helpful in our programming because we could find the positive result of our own experiment in controlling the motor speed.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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