Nature of the Retailer and Their Target Customers – Case Study Example

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The paper "Nature of the Retailer and Their Target Customers" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. Topshop is a retailer store dealing with clothing, makeup, and shoes. The retail store has established a platform with a reputable high fashion sense. The store has showcased among the best designer clothes including Beyoncé and Stella Vine. The store has more than 500 outlets and has created an online platform where their customers can buy anything from there store (Strä hle, 2013).   The targeted group by the Topshop store is young women who are aged between 20-35 years.

The stores have many varieties of makeup for women, clothes to are majorly for women. The targeted customers of the Topshop retailer store being young women, according to the store has to maintain the relevance of the store by always providing quality clothes, shoes and makeups. Topshop mission is to design unique outfits which will suit its customers who are located throughout the world. The value that the retail store is the virtue of equality. The store treats every buyer as an individual. This is one of the major reasons why that outlet is expanding to have many outlets in the world.

The vision of the store is to have stores in all the countries in the world (Goodman and Remaud, 2015). The retailer store strives to create unique designs which will make the customers drawn to their stores. The company delivers the brand experience to its customers by selling products to its consumers after analyzing the current trends at the time and the economic status of its buyers. The company delivers the brand experience by creating products which create a sense of belonging since the target group is the young women who are a high sense of fashion.

The quality and the prices at Topshop retail shop has been always fair.   The type of clothes that the retail store is selling is real of high quality and it meets its customers' expectations since the category of the targeted group who are the young women are satisfied by their different brands that are always trending each and every time they release a new brand.   For the online buyers, the customer's experience is enhanced by improving the online portal and also giving of discounts for online buyers and enhancing customer relations such as offering cash rewards to the buyers.

An online survey conducted by different agencies concerning the Topshop various products that it provides to its clients. Majority of the people have expressed their gratitude to the company for providing quality products. After one entrance to the shop, the evidence of the quality of the products is evident. The stores have beautiful features when it comes to the displaying of the products.

This is one of the major reasons why people like visiting those stores and experience shopping.   One of the major competitors of Topshop retailers is Next PLC store and Industria Diseno Textil Sa (Glock and Kim, 2015). This is the major competitors of the retail store. The sales staff are highly competitive with a wide knowledge of the variety of products which are in the store. The sales staff are also experienced with the techniques of handling customers well. The customer service in the store is of high quality and the services offered there help the customers locate anything they want in the store.   The performance of the store is highly effective.

All the stores are operational and always produce quality products and the customer service is very efficient. This is one of the reasons why the retailer store is thriving in that competitive business.   One of the mismatches that the retailer experiences to meet the actual customer experience is that at times include the different shoe sizes and the shoes do not have their original box. One of the shoes can be size 38 while the other is 37.

That is the mismatch that the retail store is trying to avoid. The other mismatch is the shoe thickness. A success in shopping in Topshop is seen when the profit margins are published.   Majority of the shoes and dresses have been sold both online and in the physical stores. The brands have been a success in the market since they have fulfilled the desires of their customers who are the young women aged 20-30 years.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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