Reason for Being the Member of the Microcultures – Case Study Example

This paper "Reason for Being the Member of the Microcultures" is a good example of a case study on culture. Feminist - an individual who believes in the political, social, and economic equality of sexes. African - a person from Africa Continent. Muslim - a person who practices the Islamic faith. Malian - a native of Mali, West Africa. American - a person from or legally classified as American. 6. Mauritanian - A person from the country of Mauritania. A person who believes in the individual decision, will, and right to choose for themselves. 8. Female - Sex that can bear Offspring and produce. Second PartReason for Being the Member of the Microcultures Below1. Feminist. I believe in social, political, and economic equality of sexes2. African. I was born in Africa3. Muslim. I practice the faith of Islam4. Malian. I was semi-raised in Mali, West Africa5. American grew up in America and I became an American through naturalization6. Mauritanian was born in Mauritania, Northwest Africa7. Pro-choiceI believe in peoples right to chose for themselves in all aspect of life8. FemaleI was born with an identity with the female sexThird PartIntroduction to MicrocultureIdentity is something that should never be neglected in a class of anthropology. Identity is defined as what a thing or a person is. The identity is also important in broader social sciences which is mostly defined by the subgroups in which an individual was born or chose to become a member. When identity is discussed, there is emerging of the term microculture which is mostly associated with the identity. Therefore, microculture can also be defined as a culture associated with a certain group of people with a perspective which is limited. Microculture is a group of individuals whose beliefs, values and behaviours are similar and have a common origin of History and nonverbal and verbal symbol system which is related. In this document, microculture will be discussed in a broad way. The body there are reasons that made me rank the microculture list in a way as done in the first part of this document. Firstly, the list was ranked from the most important to the least important. Feminist is essential microculture in my entire life since the world is driven economically, politically and socially; these are the three things that create the difference between individuals and nations. I believe in equality to every individual hence creation of the fair nation. Most of the countries especially in Africa, they have differences in sharing resources, job opportunities things such as education which should be equally distributed to every individual despite the sex (Miller, 2012). I am a feminist, I believe in male and female people having equal opportunities in life hence creating a fair opportunity to every individual regardless of gender. I was to rank Africa as the second in my list because that was the continent that introduced me to the entire world. Most importantly is the nation in which I was born. Religion is also an important part of my life History, I believe that the far I have God is through the power of Allah who is the God of my religion. I have faith in the Islamic religion and that is why I had to rank it as the third important. Therefore, I can confidently say that feminist is the most important microculture since most daily life activities are linked to social, political, and economic activities.Microculture is most studied in universities, colleges, and other institutions since it is one way of identifying people. Since it is a way of identifying people and their culture, there have been subcultures which directly oppose each other directly. Feminist and African microculture opposes each other directly, most Africa people do not believe in feminism and most of them treat a female in a different way as compared to the men. The most individual who believes in feminism are from Europe but people originating from Africa tend to believe that men and women are different and should be entitled to different education, different job opportunities, and even the leadership positions. African believe that women are weak and they can not perform the equal task as men and therefore they are entitled to the lighter duties. Therefore, these two subcultures directly oppose each other. Feminist believe that people are equal and should be entitled to equal opportunity (Miller, 2012).Another two microculture which directly opposes each other is the Muslim and American. Despite the fact that America is a country that comprises of many people from different religions, the current 2016 US candidate who is now the president of the United States as well as American, associated Muslims to terrorists. These two microcultures tend to have a direct opposition towards each other in terms of security, believes and religion. Most Americans are Christians and the Muslim is not associated with American. Muslim was associated with terrorists by most Americans which is opposed by Muslims. Muslims understands that terrorists are not Muslim and they take it as a religion with values. The nature of American and Muslim disagreement arises from frequent terrorist attacks who were the Arabs and as per the American believe, the Arabs are Muslims. Those terrorists who were not Arabs tried to identify themselves with the Islamic religion hence disagreement between the American and Muslim as Muslim continue to defend their argument on terrorism.Every individual believes that his or her culture is more superior to others and therefore every means possible are done in defending their culture. The dilemma in defending these different cultures arise when you are from two different microculture which directly opposes each other. Therefore, the best most solution in resolving the difference between feminist and African is for every individual to understand the importance of identity and appreciate the difference between each other. Appreciation of one’s culture and identity should act as one of the best resolutions for resolving the issues between the feminist and African (Miller, 2012).In my life experience, I have ones experienced cognitive dissonance. Muslim is most recognized by the way they clothe and worship. Long dress with the covered face is usually associated with the Muslims and most of the time there is an attempt to change clothing style to fit in American culture. These create a mixed reaction in the mind whether to follow the home culture or the adoptive culture of the current nation. I am a feminist born in Africa; a country which believes women are not similar to men. Due to social, political, and economic differences, I am tempted to do any jobs which are against African culture. Balancing the different cultures makes someone suitable in any environment. Both cultures are very important and there is a reason for their existence. Appreciating both cultures is one part that leads me to balance the culture. Despite that I was born in Africa, there is a certain culture which is not up to date and are things of the past. Therefore, the certain culture which does not fit the modern life of living is replaced by the current one hence having better modern culture, if one culture out of ten is wrong, it does not mean that everything is wrong. Therefore, I keep a good culture and I do away with the ones which are immoral to the current life.ConclusionIn conclusion, life is made up of the social, political, and economic way of living which in most cases is linked to the microculture. Identity is important in every individual and therefore appreciation of one’s culture is a road map to the unity. Culture is very important since it creates identity hence a feeling of belonging.