Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Case Study Example

The paper "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is an excellent example of a case study on literature.  The peace of the raft days is broken by the coming of the two conmen. Huck helps save these two men from the angry townspeople and the two beg Huck to let them ride with him and Jim. These two men teach Huck an important lesson in dealing with criminals. Very soon the old, bald man and the younger man start telling lies to Huck and Jim. The young man claims that he is the Duke of Bridgewater and must be treated with respect and the old man claims to be the Dauphin, the rightful heir to the French throne. Jim believes them but Huck knows they are lying. The so-called duke and the king are tricksters who take advantage of ignorant people. Despite that Huck does not say anything. He has realized that these two are criminals and he knows that if he does not go along with their lies they will create trouble for him. He readily goes along with their stories of Kings and Dukes. And treats them in the way they want. This shows how wise Huck has become in the ways of the world and how he has learned to deal with all types of people. He understands that the two pose a particular threat to Jim.H e cleverly invents a story about himself and Jim. Although he does not challenge their false stories and allows them to order him about, Huck does not trust these men. When they go into a town he follows them and keeps a check on what they do. There he sees how easy it is for these men to fool people and take their money. He resolves to be even more careful of these two shameless tricksters, but they also help by teaching him how to deal with many kinds of people.