Physical Activity and Nutritional Education Interventions on Body Mass Index – Case Study Example

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The paper "Physical Activity and Nutritional Education Interventions on Body Mass Index" is an excellent example of a case study on nursing. The patients' developmental stage is in young adulthood. By the time he is 20 years old, he will be expected to have reached full maturity. At 18 years of age, it is expected that his interests broaden more into both public and world affairs in general. It also means that he should be able to choose, prepare for and be able to practice careerwise. He says, he wants to be an engineer.

This where much of his energy will go towards thus needs to be fully capable of doing so. So far, he has already adjusted to an intimate love relationship expected to lead to marriage. In addition to that, he looks to become independent from the parents and therefore has to look forward to childbearing and child rearing of his own (Newman & Newman, 2017).   All these, however, will prove to be futile unless the patient can establish a set of values that will lead to a meaningful life as well as the ability to cope with changes that come along.

His progress in accomplishing the developmental tasks at his age will depend on his willingness to make the necessary changes (Kolb, 2014). For someone who wants to be an engineer, it will be important that he take care of his health. Too much weight is not going to help. He should find recreational activities that will help keep him active and lose weight rather than playing games and eating. The demands of the university require that he be mentally and physically fit or else he will face hurdles along the way.   For a patient at his age, it would be vital that he get the communication thus face to face should be used.

He should be encouraged to check on his diet. Ice cream and pizza will only lead to more weight gain. If he intends to fulfill his dreams, then he should choose a healthier lifestyle which means eating healthy, exercising and finding recreational activities that are beneficial to the body and his health in general.

It is reasonable that he is well groomed, and facial acne is minimal. However, eating ice cream and pizza combined with a lack of any physical activity will result in abnormal weight gains. For a person whose height stands at 5'8", while the body weight is 210 pounds call for concern. His body mass index is bound to be higher than usual, and the patient could, therefore, be categorized as obese. This furthermore exposes the patient to diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke among many others.   Even so, there are evidence-based interventions which can be used to address any of the abnormal nutritional assessments that may have been found.

Nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy body. There is a costly way of doing it at the simple way. The costly way may involve therapies and surgery, but as a patient, there are simple things one can do to enhance their health status. The first significant step is to find out what exactly is the problem. In this case, we can see that the patient's lifestyle is the problem.

The goal, therefore, is to have an eating schedule that shows the nutritional balance  (Guerra et al. , 2014). The priority for the patient would be to have a very low-calorie diet, avoid sugary products such as ice creams and high-fat content foods such as pizza. In addition to eating fewer calories, he also needs to burn more calories. Burning more calories can be accomplished via physical activities. He can be involved at the gym, running, walking or any other activity instead of playing video games. Working hard at it every day will ensure the patient stays healthy for longer to see all his dreams come true.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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