Marketing Plan for G-Viral Software - Vision, Objectives, Target Markets – Case Study Example

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The paper “Marketing Plan for G-Viral Software - Vision, Objectives, Target Markets" is an affecting variant of a case study on marketing. E-Connect Company provides G-viral software that affordability, protect and enhance computer efficiency. This sample-based marketing plan highlights the strategies employed to convert some of the sales and create steady streams of revenue. Our company makes the G-viral software for giving a competitive advantage over other anti-viral soft wares. E-connect Company provides the soft wares that are highly scalable and environmental based friendly. The software also reduces maintenance, equipment based costs and other costs linked with hosting new data virus-based intensive applications. Our business provides anti-virus soft wares that accommodate traffic spasm found to slow down computer software performance (Chew & Gottschalk, 2009)

We will finance our company by selling our proprietary based anti-viral software that manages viral volume, allocation of more space and data-based encryption. Within the first two years of operation, the company expects to become very profitable and expand.

1.1 Vision
Our company’s main vision is to provide high quality, low cost based soft wares to computer users that may not otherwise necessary anti-viral soft wares. Our company has made soft wares based on the highest degree of research on antiviruses. As people recognize our product value and responsiveness, word of mouth based advertising will propel us into the forefront of our soft ware industry.

1.2 Objectives
1. Win one of the Fortune 500 company contracts within 24 months.
2. Generate over $100,000 in turnover by the end of year 1.
3. Increase sales by 100% towards the end of year 2.

2.0 Target Markets
Our focus is on small computer users and businesses with revenue between $50,000 and $10 million annually, as well as, larger firms with revenue over $10 million per year. This marketing plan will address our consumers, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or an equivalent based position, in a medium to a large organization that is seeking an affordable solution for her computers.

2.1 Market Definition and Segmentation
XYZ Company targets young population and those computer users in schools, small companies, governmental institutions, and hospitals. E-connect Company will offer a free consultation to companies on best anti-virus soft wares. A quote will be provided along with a solution for the organization-based computers.

2.2: Needs and Requirements
Some of our customers are start-ups and have limited income and volume of computers. These customers will benefit from convenient based anti-viral software. Organizations that need to cater to companies with mobile-based laptops recognize that this group wields a significant amount of anti-virus power. CIOs are also recognizing the essentialness of this demography and want to reach the market before it gets saturated. Organizations must demonstrate competitive based merit over other companies offering similar software (Kremer, 2006).

2.3. Distribution Channels
Our software services will primarily be offered online through our anti-virus websites. Currently computer companies such as Dell, Compaq and Toshiba primarily fix their computers products with poor quality soft wares. Kaspersky Company currently has a reasonable portion of the market share in this software industry. Our aim is to gain and maintain some of its market shares and reach startups that cannot afford their software services.

2.4. Keys to Success
We employ the best IT specialist capable of fixing well and updating the anti-virus software well to our clients’ computers. Secondly, we monitor our customers to see whether they benefited from our products.

2.5: Expense Budget by Year
As the E-connect company grows, we anticipate that the annual marketing budget to increase in the second and third base years. Our sample-marketing plan indicates also that the total marketing and other sales expenses will increase proportionately and approximately 15% of total turnover.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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