Namshi Online Shopping - Business Rules, New Customer Orders Processing System, Types of Data Needed as Input into Decision-Making Model – Case Study Example

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The paper “ Namshi Online Shopping - Business Rules, New Customer Orders Processing System, Types of Data Needed as Input into Decision-Making Model”   is a brilliant variant of a case study on e-commerce. Namshi online shopping is an online shopping business located in the Middle East. The company focuses on providing fashion as well as footwear. The company provides a broad range of local as well as global brands in the region and also in-house brands. Namshi guarantees its clients of contentment as well as soothe while shopping, which is the reason the company assures its customers of the latest brands as well as superior services standards by way of astonishing customer engagement. Business rules for Namshi Online shopping Delivery method Rush order? Any fragile Item? Any Specialty Item? Category of the customer? Destination of order? Picked up by clients NO NO NO Silver - Shipped by normal services Yes Yes Yes Gold Local Shipped by premium services Yes no Yes Platinum Remote Decision problemThe growing traffic jam in the company system leads to long least of pending customer placement order for approval which affects both the company and the customer in ensuring that the best quality if provided on time.

Namshi online shopping isn’ t is facing customer traffic each day on their website with the need of customers searching for the latest fashion trending as well as placing orders for the existing as well as new fashions and brands to come.

In this regards, the customer order processing procedures are slow and takes a long time since a customer need to follow a long procedure in placing an order that leads to intricacies since, the process isn’ t optimized with the accounting and sales department being authoritative for the endorsement of the customer orders awaiting on the sort of the order placed. Where the accountant allows a customer order, he should inform the senior accounting department by providing a list of reports on approved customer orders will is inclusive of the information relating to endorsed orders.

Furthermore, the segments accountants, as well as the sales department, are responsible for providing their quarterly report of the scheduled year to the senior accountant who must uphold the register for the customer order processing register for a unique year. There aren’ t any chances to inspect the report as well as find out the range for improving in view of the fact that the accounting department isn’ t in receipt of any instantaneous report.

They are in receipt of the present quarter’ s situation in the month and thus the top executives aren’ t being in a position to report in a suitable manner and consequently, the present customer orders processing system for Namshi online shopping is taking intricate and time-consuming. It commands a more automated as well as a much-synchronized system that leads the organization to have a more effectual system to put up with the entire customer order placement.

The customer order processing system in the company with an acquaintance of the function by the customer for customer order which implies that the system needs to submit to the accounting and sales department at least once a week from the time the order was placed. This department is, therefore, responsible for corroborating the suitability and then confirming and submitting the applications to the senior accountant for approval the obligation of the senior accountant is complex in ensuring that there aren’ t any pending customer orders online

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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