Memorial Hospital – Case Study Example

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The paper "Memorial Hospital" is a good example of a case study on nursing. Memorial Hospital, the regional healthcare facility located in the mountains of North California has been experiencing relatively constant demand for its service despite the growing population of the region. There are various reasons like the emergence of new competitors and ongoing HR issues that attribute to the constant business. Like any other hospitals, Memorial Hospital also has been facing incessant difficulties in selecting and retaining employees. The recent trend is that nurses are being attracted by private practices which offer rather higher pay and flexibility.

This situation has compelled Memorial hospital to offer full-time nurses pay for thirty hours per week and four weeks of paid vacation each year. Darlene Fry, the Director of nursing for Memorial Hospital is very much concerned about each breakdown as it puts new challenges in planning nurse-staffing for the following calendar year. The staffing plan is usually influenced by the changing economic condition, availability of nurses, and their costs. Now Darlene Fry is to develop a nurse staffing plan for Memorial Hospital to meet the objectives of the hospital i. e.

maximize customer service to increase customer satisfaction, minimize costs to remain competitive, and minimize fluctuations in workforce levels to help stabilize area employment. Fry can rely on the previous year’ s data and the current staffing levels in order to design a new staffing plan. Presently nurses work a schedule of four 10- hour days per week with a pay $12 per hour. If overtime is necessary, it may be scheduled for 12 hours per day with a compensation rate of $18 per hour.

Temporary nurses are paid $15 per hour and their proportion is limited to 15% of the total nursing staff.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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