Game Development Company's Management Based on Situational Analysis and Evaluation of Alternatives – Case Study Example

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The paper “Game Development Company’s Management Based on Situational Analysis and Evaluation of Alternatives" is a cogent example of a case study on management. Edward Vedder, the department head of a game development company based in Vancouver is facing several issues affecting the performance of the company. The company is facing challenges resulting from the cuts of the provincial budget to the local companies. First, two junior managers reporting to Vedder lost their jobs and left some duties with nobody to perform them. The managers were laid off as a strategy of cost-saving. Vedder himself has a tight schedule, the time is not enough for him to perform all his duties, and somehow he has some important tasks unattended.

There has been a significant problem in the facilities because one of the managers who were laid off was responsible for scheduling inspections and technical support. On the extreme side, one of the locations had to be taken offline because of additional costs in repairs and maintenance. Scheduling of the employees has seriously become an issue in the company resulting in loss of valuable time for development. Some of the company’s vending machines and cafeterias were not restocked in some facilities and employees received multiple types of schedules showing them working in some conflicting times. The sales of the firm in the previous record were not good and the development of games required a significant financial obligation.

Situational Analysis
The case for Vedder’s company needs thorough addressing, to ensure that, the company achieves its set goal of making a profit. Budget cuts by the province to the companies are a challenge but there are many other ways of raising capital for a company like issuing stock or borrowing. Getting rid of the two managers was not a solution to cost-saving because it has ended up making the company’s operations ineffective. In such a company, it was better if the firm worked towards increasing levels of creativity and innovation amongst the employees. In addition, the company’s schedule for the employees is mixed up and this has a significant problem in the effectiveness of the firm. As the department head, Vedder does not have time to think creatively and come up with better strategies because of the extra work posed by the gap left by the employees.

Evaluation of alternatives
It seems that the budget cuts by the province posed an economic strain to the company. However, that was not a good reason for the company to lay off two managers in order to reduce the costs o operation. The company should have retained the managers but work on reducing operational costs by improving efficiency. Motivating employees, increasing productivity and creating an innovative and creative culture in the company, can increase efficiency in the company. The schedule for the employees is not in order because there are some tasks not well delegated.

Vedder should come up with a good definition of the new tasks the existing employees should adopt. However, it is important that the department head communicates the changes to the employees and delegate the tasks amongst the employees. Proper delegation of tasks and retaining the two employees would help in increasing time for development, creativity, and innovation in the product. The company’s sales reduced in the last game sold in the previous period, however, high level of creativity and innovation can help the firm to come up with a better and competitive game that will increase the sales and revenue of the company.

Vedder should request the two managers lay off to resume work. Next, he should communicate the changes in the company effectively for all the employees to adapt. Vedder can address the schedule of the employees and delegate duties to the employees appropriately. In addition, the firm should encourage teamwork and create time for innovation and creativity. It is important that the employees feel appreciated to increase motivation, job satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency in the company. Creativity and innovation will help the firm to come up with better, new, and unique games that will attract more sales and of course profit and revenue.

In conclusion, Vedder requires developing a well-planned schedule that will create time for the employees to share ideas, brainstorm and come up with new strategies to approach their work efficiently. The fact that the schedules for the employees bring about conflict in their times is an indicator of poor planning. Therefore, Vedder requires coming up with better planning, coordination, and controlling. Budget cuts call for the employee to see other methods of raising capital such as borrowing or issuing stock. Therefore, budget cuts are not a genuine reason to make the entire operations of the company to change. 

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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