Lisa and the Two Sues & The Surprised Roomates – Case Study Example

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The paper "Lisa and the Two Sues & The Surprised Roommates" is a brilliant example of a case study on sociology. Lisa has contrasting opinions about lifestyles and career as she has had enough stress from the long years of education. She reports that she is a late entrant to the college because of her denial mood from active education. She says she has a lot of reasons to be worried, mainly because of her father’s poor financial status. To add to all her worries, she was forced to live in a room with Sue Taylor and Sue Knowles, which was against her personal interest to live with her friend Jane. From the descriptions, she makes about her parent's behavior and cares it can be understood that she is a self-possessed one. Even on arrival at the hostel, she gets confused with the reception she gets from her roommates. These conditions are normal for most people and they ignore them for good. However, the inhibitions and low self-esteem complicate Lisa’s life there, and she tries to see her as a passive person but with a high sense of dignity. 

Lisa’s greatest challenge should be identified as her reluctance to adapt to the changing circumstances. This is a part of her personality that makes her choose a confined lifestyle away from the reach of even the least cases of unpleasant situations. When Lisa enters No.92 room, her expectations get wounded by the responses of the Sues. From the further days of life in the room, Lisa understands that the two girls are careless about her and they possessed little regards for the newcomer. The two girls were already friends and they had a lot of things in common. Lisa was indifferent towards the girls in the beginning, but when they brought their boyfriends to the room, the conditions changed altogether. Even though Lisa does not describe her friends, her choice for going home on the weekends indicates that she dislikes the girls for their character and low-self esteem.

Lisa never likes to stay in the room at weekends, particularly because of the fear that Sues may bring their boyfriends for a night stay. Also as the girls spoke too little to her, the most desirable thing she could do was to get home at the earliest. She says she misses Jane a lot because she likes only Jane on the campus. The stressful life in the common room has every potential to challenge the quality of her results and it may also throw her into depression. Therefore, Lisa has to tell choose between quitting the room and adapting herself to the existing environment. The former case is not practically easy as the room allotment is normally fixed for the complete academic session. In the case of continuing in the room, she has to think twice as the ‘boyfriend’ factor hurts her dignity much. Lisa would rather talk to her parents about the issue and consult a counselor for dealing with the stress. After coming back from home, she must show patience and wait for the situations to change while initiating the talking sessions with the girls.

The two girls, Taylor and Knowles, are happy with each other even though they don’t give much attention to Lisa. They are outgoing in nature and have a lot of socializing activities to enjoy. They are a kind of girls who make the most of their opportunities to amuse themselves. The two girls think they are content about their spiritual life as they are cared for by their boyfriends. Their routines are also packed with stressful academics and jobs for meeting the ends. However, they have a great sense of mutual care and understanding which help them accommodate each other smoothly. They are dominant in their space because they are seniors in the room. Sues are joyful towards their everyday life and have great concern for their personal choices regardless of the imitations within the hostel. They are together because they have common feelings to share with each other.

Sue Taylor and Sue Knowles do not have a significant opinion about Lisa at first case. When Lisa entered their room, they gave her a customary, formal welcome even though they did not show any enthusiasm to receive her. They treat Lisa with indifference because they can only think that Lisa is far from their mindsets and interests. The two girls always showed their togetherness by keeping Lisa away from their activities. When they paste the posters over the walls, they show a silent dominance to let Lisa know that they have the upper hand in the room. They show their denial to Lisa by ignoring her at the breaks for food too. They seem to like their privacy as they enjoyed it before Lisa’s entry. That is why they ignore her presence when they bring their boyfriends frequently to the room. Perhaps, they wanted to get rid of Lisa for their own personal freedom.

Sue Taylor and Sue Knowles have no preset goals to get rid of Lisa from their privacy. However, they cannot accommodate her for long as she brings her friend to the room, which disturbs the weekend privacy of the Sues. As Lisa is out for a decisive weekend break, the two girls must seriously think about discussing the options for retaining the room between themselves by shifting Lisa to Jane’s room. However, this is an official matter, which needs the consent of the authority which is rather improbable. Another thing they can devise to accommodate Lisa is to evaluate her character and take her to their company by talking to her about her views and proposals. Since the aspect of boyfriends is strictly personal, they can talk to the two boys about the inconvenience Lisa has from their visits. Moreover, they must be compassionate towards Lisa and understand her personality for improving the reciprocity in the coming days after the weekend break.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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