Engine to Improve Performance in the Receiving Process – Case Study Example

The paper "Engine to Improve Performance in the Receiving Process" is an outstanding example of a case study on management. Springfield Warehousing and Distribution Centre (WDC) is facing problems in its various processes including the receiving process and needs a continuous improvement framework that can help Stalk and Margolis in controlling all kinds of errors and late functioning of stores. WDC lacks the availability of a fully developed computerized network that can control all its processes from receiving an order to its shipment. Due to the absence of a fully developed system, the center is facing problem in managing its activities and its reputation is affected negatively. Therefore, a computerized network is required for managing all the activities performed at the center. Errors that are generated during the processes result in late deliveries of products due to which, Springfield suffers in terms of its reputation. For a continuous improvement, Stalk needs to hire networking professionals who can provide the center with a network that can link all the stores with WDC. The store managers will be required to report about the products available and sold in order to keep WDC informed about what is required or what is not. The network can be made better by hiring a network staff that is well equipped at network handling. All the processes from other order receiving to shipment are required to be computerized and proper staff personnel are required for handling all the processes so that there are minimized chances of any error or late delivery. For a continuous improvement, Stalk will be required to monitor the processes at the end of every month and there should be regular checking for the performances.