BTOPP Matrix and the Development of a Competency Matrix in Under Milkwood Pty Ltd - Potential Benefits and Risks – Case Study Example

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The paper “ BTOPP Matrix and the Development of a Competency Matrix in Under Milkwood Pty Ltd - Potential Benefits and Risks”   is a convincing example of a case study on information technology. The proposal will cover an entire matrix for the Operations management Department’ s staff. It will thus state the problem to be solved by the proposed project, objectives of the project, a detailed argument for and against the project, plans, and cost to be incurred in the development and implementation of the project. The proposal will also cover BTOPP and risk analysis of the project, expected benefits, alongside recommendations for future improvements. Statement of NeedAs it is the case with several business organizations, Under Milkwood Pty Ltd is faced with a number of complexities regarding IT Operations Management.

It has essentially been found out that there is no maximum utilization of the company’ s staff. Consequently, there is a need for the development of a competency matrix in the department of operations management. The company has to develop such a matrix with the capability of utilizing its staff in a more productive manner.

The development of this matrix is subject to collaboration between the company’ s Operations Department and the Investment Review Board. It is of much essence to explore ways via which resources and time needed for development and implementation of the project will be minimized. This has the implication that human resources and software need for this project ought to be found. In addition, there also the need to find the most outstanding packages and staff for effective data management, in the course of development, and after the implementation of the project. ObjectivesThe proposed project will have the objective of developing a competency matrix for the Operations Management Department’ s staff of Under Milkwood Pty Ltd.

Ideally, the project will be aimed at making better utilization of the staff of this company’ s department. This has the implication that this report has the following objectives: Making the Investment Review Board understand the essence of outstanding staff for Operations ManagementMaking the Investment Review Board understand the essence for the development of a contemporary Competency MatrixUnderstanding the essence of staff developmentDetails of the Proposed ProjectThe Operations Management Department of Under Milkwood Pty Ltd ought to have competent staff for reliable operations, new capabilities, and maintenance.

Reliable operations are inclusive of timely repair of systems; new capabilities are inclusive of installation of new hardware; where else, maintenance basically refers to the upgrading of existing systems in the company. Competent staff is also essential for this department for the purpose of installation and operation of new systems, integration of skills, alongside the consumption of materials. In such a business organization as Under Milkwood Pty Ltd, competent Operation Management Staff will be essential to offer the necessary professional support to the HR.

The company has to; therefore, explore the need of HR for the Operations management Department alongside the essence of managing staff for the Operations Management Department. Competency MatrixThe need to have competent staff in the Operations Management Department of Under Milkwood Pty Ltd, calls for the development of a Competency Matrix as proposed in this report. Ideally, a Competency Matrix refers to a level of skill and a match of competencies required for the completion of all tasks in an organizational department.

In this case, the level of skill can be advanced, medium, or beginner (Aalders & Hind, 2003). On the other hand, a match of competencies may be programming or project man. In order to develop a contemporary Competency Matrix, Under Milkwood Pty Ltd faces such requirements as internal business processes in the department of Operations Management, service level agreements, and research regarding the required skills in the field of Information Technology. There is also the requirement of business processes that are external to the Operations Management Department of the organizations.

The Competency matrix to be developed by Under Milkwood Pty Ltd will be subject to review by the review staff which has such roles as the creation of current staff competency matrix, matching up required competencies with current staff competencies, alongside developing plans that are aimed at acquiring or training staff to meet the proposed matrix. In addition, the competencies of staff in the Operations Department will be reviewed regularly to ensure that the standards set by the Competency Matrix (Schiesser, 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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