Is Mr. Webb Naive – Case Study Example

The paper "Is Mr. Webb Naive" is an outstanding example of a case study on politics. The successful executive will readily accede to congressional participation in areas where its committees or members have a proper concern." Mr. Webb was the son of John Fredrick and Sarah Gorham Webb, born on October 7, 1906, he schooled at North Carolina University where he received an A.B in education he married his wife in 1931 and were blessed with two children. Mr. Webb enjoyed successful career both at a private and public institution with the most notable one being at the helm of NASA. Is Mr. Webb naive? James Webb was a former chief of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration which is well-known as NASA.   Mr. Webb was its principal during   President F. Kennedy and L. Johnson. During his time at the helm, many of the government issues were solved by utilizing analytical skills and abilities than it is today. It is presumed that many executive bureaucrats were from the political established institution. Several bureaucrats had a firm belief in using quantitative and qualitative analysis to solve problems that had plagued the governments' ability to serve its people. It is a little intricate to conclude if Mr. Webb is naïve because of his style in handling matters. His quality of leadership is well depicted during the time the nation and NASA were in shock after the Apollo Accident James Webb told the media at the time, that it is something they have predicted will happen one day. As the nation mourned, he went personally to President Lyndon Johnson and asked that NASA is allowed to handle the accident investigation and direct the recovery from the accident. He also promised to be truthful in assessing blame and pledged to assign it to himself and NASA management as appropriate. In the end, Mr. Webb built a flawless network of political liaisons that brought sustained support for and possessions to bring about the Apollo Moon landing on the timetable President Kennedy had announced. For all, we know as human beings its possible one can be naive, but from Mr. Webb’s career and experience, he was a selfless dedicated leader who offered much to his country as a private and public figure. I think to raise the question about Mr. Webb being naïve is unrealistic as he proved himself beyond several occasions as someone who understood what is required of his duties.