Groups And Community – Case Study Example

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Introduction Zest Care, which has been in existence for the last fifteen years is a community development organisation that is charged with offering a range of specialist In-Home Child Care plans to families across New South Wales. Currently, the organisation is working towards accommodating the needs of members associated with the National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS). As Toseland and Rivas (2009) postulate, community organisations often play a significant role in revitalising the neighbourhoods such as improving the living conditions of the less fortunate families, senior citizens, children, the mentally-challenged individuals as well as persons living with disabilities.

Thus, a community organisation can be defined as the means of enabling a group of individuals or neighbourhood to find both fruitful and satisfying social relationships and not for certain as well as preconceived forms of relationships. Equally, DuBois and Miley (2013) defines community organisation as all the efforts associated with directing social resources effectively towards the particular or total welfare needs of any geographical area. In effect, this essay will analyse the Zest Care organisation in relation under various subheadings. The Purpose of Zest Care and the Community Needs Being Serviced Notably, Zest Care’s primary responsibility is to create, initiate as well as implement a series of continuous In-Home Child Care as well as Disability Support programs, which are approved by the government (Zest Care. net, 2016).

The organisation offers quality as well as customised care programs that are founded on family needs as well as goals. The organisation incorporates various kinds of passionate as well as professional Educarers whose sole objective is to provide families with the best support available (Zest Care. net, 2016).

Accordingly, these Educarers have specialised in mental health, special education needs, physical disabilities, behavioural difficulties as well as early childhood education. These skills and expertise have been invaluable to the community development and social work industry as the team has made a positive impact to the Australian community with regards to improving the quality the Australian families. To ensure that it gives quality services, Zest Care has formed a strategic partnership with Linx Institute, one of Australia’s leading training organisation (Zest Care. net, 2016). Linx Institute is known for training senior management teams as well as leaders.

As a ratified approved Child Care as well Disability Support Provider, the organisation brings high-quality care as well as support into the homes of various Australian families. The organisation is determined to support the lives of children who would otherwise not be in a position to gain the basic rights that other Australian children are currently enjoying. The organisation strives to give every Australian child access to the best foundation in life as it often defines the rest of their lives. To provide quality services, the organisation often recruits In-Home Educarers as well as Disability Support providers or Carers who meet needed criteria as set by out by the various job descriptions.

For one to be part of the organisation staff, he or she must have industry experience associated with the client’s family (Zest Care. net, 2016). Moreover, the applicant must have the current qualification as well as passion in order to be involved in the lives of children. Besides, anyone willing to join the organisation must be ready to work flexible hours. The criterion highlighted above, which is used to recruit qualified staff, indicates the commitment and profound determination the organisation has with regards to ensuring that it is giving valuable services to the community at large.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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