E-Connect Company with Its G-Viral - Craving to Gain Market Share of Kaspersky Company – Case Study Example

The paper “E-Connect Company with Its G-Viral - Craving to Gain Market Share of Kaspersky Company" is a meaty variant of a case study on the marketing. The E-connect company provides G-viral software, an antivirus software product that is affordable, protects and helps to enhance computer efficiency. This G-viral antivirus bases on a marketing plan that highlights the strategies employed to change some of the sales, as well as create a constant steady stream of revenue. E-connect also creates software that is highly scalable and environmentally friendly. The business provides anti-virus software, which accommodates any traffic spasm found to slow down the performance of a computer. As such, the company makes G-viral software that gives a competitive advantage over other anti-viral software. On the other hand, the vision for the E-connect company is to provide high quality, low cost based software to the computer users, which may not otherwise be necessary anti-viral software.

This company has also made the software based on a high degree of research on anti-viruses. As more people recognize the value of this product and its responsiveness, the company will benefit from their publicity stand conducted through word of mouth, which will propel this company into the forefront of its software industry. This company also has a variety of objectives that will help it to grow and expand its products. One of its objectives is to increase its sales by 100% by the end of the second year in trading. The company also plans to generate a turnover of over $ 100,000 by the end of the first year in trading, as well as to win a fortune 500-company contract in a period of two years.

Market Summary
This company is focusing on small computer users and other businesses that have a revenue range of between $50,000 and $10 million annually. As such, it is also focusing on large firms that have a revenue of $10 million and over every year. The company’s main intention for this marketing plan is to address its customers’ needs, whereby it plans to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in a medium of a large organization that it is looking for an affordable solution for its computers.

SWOT Analysis
The company boasts of its main strength, which is the production of high quality, low cost based software for computer users. As such, its software products are cheap and easily affordable by most of its target consumers whereby the products are of the low cost being affordable to the customers. More customers will buy the product due to its low cost, thereby increasing the number of sales, and in turn, the profit will increase. However, the company has to overcome one of its major weaknesses, which stems from stiff competition arising from other industry players within the market, such as the XYZ Company. This stiff competition reduces its market control as the companies compete for the same customers within the same market and might lead to market irrelevance if the company loses touch with its customers. This would result in low profits, and in extreme cases, massive losses, attributable to low sales volumes.

This company faces stiff competition in establishing control, as well as in defining and segmenting its market. For an example, a competitor company, the XYZ Company, specializes on small population and the users who use computers in schools, governmental institutions, hospitals, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As such, the E- Connect Corporation competes with the XYZ Company by offering a free consultation to companies on the best anti-virus software available within the market. Consequently, the company has to demonstrate a competitive based advantage over other industry players in the market by offering antivirus software that has superior quality.

Product Offering
The product offering of the company’s software services will be through an online platform carried out via its anti-virus websites. Currently, Kaspersky Company has a reliable portion of market share in the industry of anti-virus software. The aim of E-connect Company is to gain and maintain some of the market shares of Kaspersky Company and reach to startups that cannot afford its software products. The company employs IT specialists who are capable of fixing, as well as updating the anti-virus software appropriately to its customers’ computers. As this company expands, it is looking forward to increasing its annual marketing budget to improve within a period of second and third base years.