Human Computer Interaction - Case of Apple Store Website – Case Study Example

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The paper "Human-Computer Interaction - Case of Apple Store Website" is a perfect example of a case study on information technology. This report is on the critical evaluation of the Apple store website, and objectives in this report revolve on the main features of the website, the positive and negative aspects of the website, the review of the website, and recommendations that apply in making it better than it is currently. Apple store website is a consumer company, which deals with advertising, selling, and giving their consumers support concerning their products.

The website gets its profits from marketing and selling hardware products that are in different forms but are mainly electronics. These products include iPod players, Mac computers, iPhones, s and any other electronics; all of which are on sale in their online store. The vital role of this website is to make advertisements for their products, increase the awareness of their consumers, identify potential customers, promote their products, and make their sales online. It has features that help the users identify with their products, and help them get what they want fast. Main features Homepage Apple store website has been keeping its home page constant since its operation.

The homepage provides the user with a quick view of their products, and it mostly features their latest brands of products. The homepage acts as an advertising board where the browser gets to see what they have on their online store with only a single click. The other thing that pops up once a browser logs into the website is a consequence of three advertisements, followed by three products and after the three, some important current news pops up to enlighten the browser.

The Main advertisement that the browser gets to see on logging in is huge to attract him or her to the site. The homepage also contains a navigation bar that divides the page into different business cores, which contain links to useful information about the store. This is their strategy to make sure that they market their products well without losing the interest of the browser. Navigation bar The navigation bar is in Apple’ s online store is at the top of the homepage, and it is large and consistent.

It is present in all the sites that the browser visits on the website. It is indifferent compartments depending on the business core that one wants to visit. It also contains some essential details about the site, which can be the information providing support or the store that the browser is searching for on the site. The bar has the logo of Apple brands, therefore, ensuring that its navigation bar functions as a branding tool. The navigation also has big drop-down menus that guide users to the sites they want to visit on the website. Usability of the Apple website The website has a design structured to guide the user across the page he or she is in, and this is done with minimal effort.

The site guides the browser to the next item on the page, and the browser does not have to work his or her way, in the effort of finding the content he or she is searching for on the page. This page has a good flow that makes it easy for anyone logged to the website to navigate their way around the site without putting in a lot of effort and time.

The picture located to the right side plus the big headline at its left side is enough to guide the user to the next thing which is the marketing publicity. The navigation bar is also an important feature, which helps the user to find what he or she is searching for because it ahs the mega dropdowns. The dropdowns provide a group of choices to select from when choosing a certain site.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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