Gilbane Gold – Case Study Example

The paper "Gilbane Gold " is a worthy example of a business case study. The hypothetical problem of Gilbane Gold is a hard issue to deal with professionally, ethically, legally, socially, and responsibly. David Jackson’s solution would not be advisable for several reasons. First going to a T.V. station alienates the city of Gilbane and Z-corp. It does not solve the issue of slight toxic levels in the sludge. Finally, it would be unadvisable due to legal ramifications. Z-corp hired Jackson to work for them. The case does not specifically state that Jackson signed a confidential agreement, but some sort of loyalty would be expected since he is employed by Z-corp. Jackson’s solution was not professional, ethical, socially acceptable, or responsible. If in Jackson’s position, I would recommend going to Z-corp management on site, explaining the new test and results. This would let me direct superiors into the loop. If fired, I would go to the corporate office. If Z-corp continued to produce illegal amounts of toxic waste, I would then go to the city. I would explain the newer tests, and advise the city started requiring this new test as the standard. I would also explain the levels and amount of waste being produced. The city would need to protect their interests if Z-corp acted irresponsibly. Hopefully, Z-corp would correct the problem without legitimate whistleblowing. The best solution would be open communication with the city and Z-corp. If I felt uncomfortable about signing off on the old report, I would tell my bosses and the city. I would also encourage Z-corp and city to discuss the issue openly. Another solution to this problem would be signing off on the old test, but casually mentioning that a newer test exists that is more accurate. This solution helps the city gain the tools to enforce their laws. It keeps a good relationship between the city and Z-corp. This solution also lets the engineer pass the problem on to individuals that can solve it. If the city did not pass a law to use the new test, going to the media would be a last resort.