Robbery by Criminally Intimidating the Rightful Owner – Case Study Example

The paper "Robbery by Criminally Intimidating the Rightful Owner" is an outstanding example of a law case study. John has committed a robbery by criminally intimidating the rightful owner of the property and willfully deprived him of his car. He has been stopped by Officer Jones and on preliminary interrogation placed under arrest. Officer Jones placed him under arrest. On studying the case pattern, we find that charges of robbery, intimidation, misuse of the weapon and unlawful driving are to be filed against John. John has willfully robbed an individual of his property, the car. The foremost charges to be leveled against John are that of robbery and criminal intimidation. Robbery is defined as carrying away of carrying away or attempting to carry away property obtained by theft. Since it is a punishable offense and the chief charge against John would be registered for robbery. The second culpable crime that can be brought against Jones is of illegal possession of arms. This charge can be brought against John in case he doesn’t possess the license to own a weapon. In case, John has the license to possess a weapon the charge to be leveled against him is of misuse of the weapon and carrying out criminal intimidation with it. Since John doesn’t possess the license to drive a vehicle the third charge to be brought against John will be that of driving without the license. This charge can be brought out under the road safety laws. Officer Jones can be indicted in the case for unlawfully placing John under arrest without proper interrogation. Having a baseball cap and gun was not sufficient proof to arrest the young man. It is only after the confessional statement that Jones is convinced of John’s involvement in the crime but by that time he had already been handcuffed.

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