England Soaps Company Contest - Action to Promote and Appreciate Soap Products and the Great Britain Soap Company's Participation with a Project Wash-it-Out – Case Study Example

Soap Companies Contest The objectives of this competition were to promote and appreciate the local and soap products made by craftsmen. Another major concern was to enhance creativity and innovativeness of soap companies when manufacturing their products. The competition was also aimed at reminding people the importance of using soap products in cleaning and hand washing in order to reduce the spread of germs related diseases.
A Great Britain Soap Company (GBSC) registered for the England Soaps Company Contest 2013 held in London. GBSC decided to employ some local soap makers from the nearby villages. The company’s product includes; bar soaps, detergents and bleaching products. The company promoted creativity in designing and manufacturing of soap products. The idea of using the natural products should have passed through the minds of the company’s workers. They would have tried to make soap by melting natural oils from flowers, then after few days the soap was to be cut into bars, natural herbs being added to the edges of bars. This is my idea of how they would have prepared themselves for the contest (Sash 51).
After a couple of months the contest was held involving many companies across the country. The first round of the competitions kicked off when GBSC was not ready. Other companies presented their projects where another company demonstrated how you can make soap out of natural flower oils. This company proceeded to the next round of competition which involved hand washing using soap. GBSC demonstrated their project in that competition poorly and they never qualified in the next round of communication
In the hand washing competition, a company presented a project entitled ‘Wash-it- Out’. They had posted before beautiful mirror clings in peoples’ houses across the country. This poster was aimed at reminding people of the proper hand washing methods. In their project they promoted the best way of using soaps and detergents in a correct time duration. Their best hand washing procedure involved rubbing hands together, cleaning the back of their hands, cleaning under the nails and also between the fingers. They demonstrated this, although many people viewed it as petty. The contests judge congratulated them for that since that hand washing procedure can effectively fight spreading of diseases like colds.
In the contest the product promotional strategies were presented by the winning companies. GBSC should have benefited from those promotional strategies. The approach made by good sales people in a competition should promote their products well. GBSC should have embraced the idea analyzing the audience in that competition before, in order to use their best salespeople. This would have improved the company’s name amongst the potential customers (Sash 53).
The presentation and demonstration methods of the winning companies should have been a good illustration to GBSC. While presenting a new product, a salesperson airs the advantages of using that product and this can help in advertising which in turn increases profits. Demonstration allows the prospect customers to become aware of the usage of the product and this can increase a company’s sales since customers are now confident enough to buy such a product. Handling of the customers’ questions and complaints also contributes to the company’s sales. In a competition a company can inform, convince and persuade the customers to buy its products. If GBSC embraced the promotional strategies illustrated in that contest it would have expanded its markets, retain its good name and reach to its target consumer groups. These are the core objectives of product promotion (Sash 55).
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