Collecting Information for a Study of One of My Clients – Case Study Example

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The paper "Collecting Information for a Study of One of My Clients" is a perfect example of a case study on social sciences. Abstract             The purpose of the write up is to collect information on one of the clients as a part of the study. The client, in this case, is a school going child who is Latino American and who does not want to go to the school. All the details about the child have been taken into consideration and various social and cultural factors are associated with his problem.

This study is based on all the details about the client that have been gathered and these will help in resolving the problem of the client. Collecting Information for a Study of One of My Clients This study is done in order to collect the information about a client who has come to the agency that I am attached to. The study includes collecting various information like those of the age of the client, his or her physical description, the family background of the client. The study also needs to find out the ethnic group to which he belongs and the religion that he belongs to and the occupation he is into.

It also has to find out whether the client is married or yet unmarried. The study aims at finding out the type of neighborhood that the client has and in what kind of community location does he stay. It requires knowledge about the type of housing that the client dwells in. Since I am attached to an agency, it is the prerequisite for the study to note down the reasons or the problems for which the client had come to the agency in the first instance.

The study needs to be specific to the nature of the problem and the ways to tackle those problems. It is also a requirement to know whether the problem has any kind of legal mandates concerned with it either at the time of the commencement of the problem or before that. The collecting of information also includes the collecting of the information regarding the other persons connected in the situation where the problem arises for the client.

The information has also to be collected on the matter as to whether the problem has any kind of serious implications on the health of the client which needs to be taken great care of. It is also required to know if there are any kinds of indications of the problem is shown and at what instances does the problem turns on in the severest way. It is also needed to know as to what are the ethnocultural and social problems that are associated with the problem of the client and what are the ways that the client has undertaken on his own in order to resolve the problem that he is facing and moreover what are the implications of these problems.

Lastly, there is the need to create a better background of knowledge, as to the various developmental stages and the life transitions related to the problem of the client.   Brief Description of the Agency             As for an introduction to the agency that I am associated with and work as an intern in it, it can be said that the agency is one of the best among the others.

It has the second-highest API scoring among the schools in the State. The agency has a record of serving the students of the community for more than a century. The Anaheim Union High School District (1) was founded in the year 1898 and it has a student body population of about 37,000. The Anaheim Union High School District has in its capture and area of 46 square miles and includes the cities of Anaheim, Cypress, Buena Park, Garden Grove, Orange, Stanton, and La Palma.

There is a great diversity in the district where the population speaks about more than 56 languages and thus with such diversity, the students are given the opportunity to attend 23 sites that are spread all over the District. He Anaheim Union High School District has to its credit being the second in a number of the highest API scoring schools in the State. It has even been accredited with various awards including the Golden Bell Awards, the Golden State Exam Awards, which has been given to it because of the achievements of its students, and it has also been awarded the California Distinguished Schools Award.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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