Ensuring a Safe Work Environment – Case Study Example

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The paper "Ensuring a Safe Work Environment" is a good example of a case study on human resources. The section of the HR policy manual highlights the elements required by the University administration to make up a safe work environment. According to the policy, workplace violence involves attempted, actual or threats to harm an individual or destroy personal or University property. The policy recognizes strengths such as illegalizing all forms of violence and threats against or among employees and maintaining a Zero tolerance of violence to prevent visitors, individuals or groups involved directly with the University from harm within or outside the workplace.

Safe work environment improves workers delivery and overall performance. However, the policy does not outline clear circumstances under which the police officers should use the firearms and explosives. The policy does not include external threats to its employees and property (Stellman, 2012).   Recommendations: The prohibition of weapons in the workplace should be taken seriously to reduce potential deaths and injuries because they have legal implications. The university should also indicate clearly the conditions under which the police officers can apply force or any weapon against its workers or visitors.

Any threats from external sources should be included to provide overall protection from within and outside the University premises. The police should have only the weapons provided to them by the university (Stellman, 2012). Reporting Incidents The section entails the reporting protocol that every employee should follow in case of violation or threat to Chicago State University workers or property. Any incidences resulting in bodily harm must be reported through the distress call service 773-995-2111 to the University Police Department for immediate response.

Mild threats should be reported to the management or Human Resources. Incidences must be reported in person and not email or text message to show the urgency and prevent avoidance. However, there is no strictness in the delivery of the message. Recommendation: The University should provide protection immediately an incident has been reported. The victim should be restrained under the provisions of restraining orders or Employee Assistance Plan. All the workers should be provided with the Police department call number and a copy of the same placed on notice at strategic points within the University property for easy access.

The witness should strictly inform the incident to the Police Department or management to avoid commotion and direct action from fellow workers. All incidences that threaten workers’ safety must be reported not only those that cause bodily harm. Responsibilities The section highlights the need for employees and managers to assume proper responsibility when dealing with workplace violence. Everybody must be responsible for their own safety as well as their colleagues’ . Employees should strictly follow resources covered under Reporting Incident procedures.

The victim or witness must follow up and ensure that the managers have taken the immediate course of action. Workers should also collaborate with the University Police Department to obtain necessary documents. The manager must act on the reported incidences and implementing zero-tolerance rules to benefit everybody (Humanresources. uchicago. edu, 2015). Recommendation: Workers, managers, and police should not work in isolation to curb workplace violence. Confidentiality should be upheld to protect the victim and harsh consequences placed against anybody who spills the contents out.

All workers should be involved in training to get informed about their responsibilities in ensuring safety. Americans with Disabilities Act The section outlines the expectations of the federal government from the University with respect to ADA provisions. The university is supposed to accommodate an ADA person based on their ability to perform particular job functions. ADA persons should also ask for assistance when they are performing their job functions. The protocol features supervisory notification, request form, and Healthcare Provider form to allow review within 30 working days. Recommendation: The University should not discriminate employees on the basis of disabilities.

ADA has legal implications when the rights of ADA workers are violated. Any person with disability depending on the urgency should be provided with accommodation before starting their duties. A clear definition should be provided for the groups that are able to obtain accommodation (Flanagan, 2011). Work Schedules Providing a safe work environment requires a functional working schedule for all employees and managers. University employees must follow standard work week and workweek schedules that stipulate the number of hours for work within a week and year.

The students-based Hours Work schedule is the responsibility of the employees in the university. SBH schedule is dependent on business changes and hours needed by the customer. Employees must also comply with the time tracking and approval that is subject to Federal and State laws (Humanresources. uchicago. edu, 2015). Recommendation: The work schedule should be flexible to enable maximum productivity. Occupational health and safety protocol should be implemented and any extra work compensated adequately. The employees should be informed in time, in case of changes to avoid non-compliance and non-completion of work scheduled for them (Dau-Schmidt, 2013).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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