Information and Communication Technology Foundations – Case Study Example

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The paper "Information and Communication Technology Foundations" is a great example of a case study on information technology. There is a lot that can be done by SPI information communication Technology Company in order to meet the growing demand on its server and network infrastructure. Currently, the firm faces a lot of problems with its present network infrastructure. These problems include the following: the SPI Company initially had a central place where networking was but not a very serious issue in that there was no much need for connecting the firm to any communication.

There were great problems of scalability and also the fact that the single office in which business was conducted was never sustainable. There was also a problem of insufficient employees of staff for that matter who could have made it possible for the work of networking. Most of the staff members were not as sophisticated as they were not able to work effectively and efficiently by the use of the systems in place. Another issue is that the network connectivity was very low, which led to the slow movement of facts and figures and also information.

The SPI offices required intensive and high-speed connectivity which will improve the reliability so as to also support the exchange. The company also faced another problem where the amount of work done per unit time was reduced on that very single network connection to the network of networks. It, therefore, inconvenienced the user demands for the services hence allowing competitors to take much of the market share. The processes and internet systems used by the company were not compatible with the network infrastructure in the current technological world. The purchasing item which can be used to facilitate network connectivity and recruiting of staff who can work to improve the network infrastructure.

The materials which are or were used in the SPI company were outsourced from other external companies which implies that there were extra costs that were incurred instead of taking the initiative of leveraging those the building of their own hence sending the costs. Data management by the SPI firm was very crude since it was done traditionally. There was not enough or sufficient knowledge on the way the facts and figures are prevented from any form of loss. These forms of data prevention are things like data backups and recovery.

The numbers of the servers in place for the SPI Company were too few which cannot be sustained in a physical networking surrounding. Due to the rising growth in demand for SPI, there is also a corresponding need to establish a form of storing or keeping the facts and figures and also to update and access and reach for the very data. This will be realized by the provision of the services which run on the server-side of the network.

The SPI Company has to make a lot of policies or decisions which will improve the progress of the company. Some of the decisions needed to be made by this company are required to be sound since they will make it reach its desired peak with fewer struggles.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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