Business Position of Allentown Materials Corporation and Its Possibilities for Future Success – Case Study Example

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The paper "Business Position of Allentown Materials Corporation and Its Possibilities for Future Success" is a delightful example of a case study on business. Numerous companies are faced with the challenges of understanding the complexity of their consumer’ s behavior and the business environments, and Allentown Material Corporation is of no exemption. Although countless businesses have adopted the marketing concept, many have not been in a position to implement the concept. Several changes among the business environments have highly led to businesses adapting to new changes in production by the use of new technology and skills.

Similarly, many businesses have also tried to improve on their goals by ensuring this provides clear direction to where the company may want to be in the future, whether in terms of growth or in the generation of revenues. The essay in this paper analyses Allentown Materials Corporation on its business position and the possibilities for its success in the future. Business position of Allentown Materials Corporation. Allentown Materials Corporation is faced with numerous challenges of dealing with the changing trends in its environment.

Through Don Rodgers, the electronics division is expected to establish a turning point for the challenges facing the division. As noted, one of the major challenges facing the division is increased competition in the market especially the electronic industry. Although the corporation had shown progressive success in the previous years, between 1991 and 1992 there was an increased decline in the company’ s image, growth and its relations with the public. As noted by Don Rodgers, the company was faced with the challenge of reviving the lost trust and confidence among the companies’ employees and it's the public’ s especially it is consumers (Beer, 1997, p.

189). Just like any business, times a business may be unable to do well for numerous reasons such as unskilled labor, competition, poor management, changes in consumer behaviors and tough government policies. In this case, after its establishment in the late 1800s, Allentown Materials Corporation had successfully managed to strategize on the best approaches in doing business. This included the corporation approach towards its R& D that had created a significant business margin in comparison to other companies as they had in the 1900s already created a research laboratory.

Through their specialty in glass products, the company had managed to build a reputation for their business and also the realization of the company goals through increased revenues by 1992. In the electronic products division, for instance, the company had already managed to penetrate in its new markets, especially in the original equipment manufacturers markets that had begun purchasing the corporation's products such as the capacitors and resistors. The corporation had as well improved its distribution channels that had counted as a plus for the company’ s success.

At the same time, the success in its strategies had led in the 1980s the corporation to realize increased growth through sales to emerging markets such as the military and space program. According to Beer (1997) even with the decline of such a market after the world war, the corporation was still able to identify and establish new markets for its products such as the telecommunication sector and manufacturers of personal computers (Beer, 1997, p. 185). With the new challenges at hand, Don Rodgers is expected to do an analysis of the best strategies that would help in reawakening the corporation lost glory as well as unrealized goals.

Through previously tested strategies by the firm, Don Rodger has the opportunity to refer to old strategies used by the corporation or either establish totally untested strategies that would facilitate in giving solutions to current challenges. Through these strategies, the Electronic Product Division might have a chance to realize their objectives especially on meeting the demands of its changing environment and also the realization of increased growth through increased sales.

Conclusion For a firm to realize its objectives, the organization matters as this determine the effectiveness of functions within the firm. Organization by a firm may be determined by the structure in place as well as the available human resource. By having well-skilled personnel, the firm may have a chance to realize its goals as the employees would facilitate the implementation of laid down strategies by those in leadership positions.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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