Social Exchange Club at School – Case Study Example

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The paper “ Social Exchange Club at School" is a good example of a case study on social science. The primary reason why Trevor Sawatzky decided to host an event within the school under the Social Exchange club was to have students meet together and get to socialize. The barbecue socialization event was to be held during the orientation period for new students so that older students from all classes were able to interact with the newcomers. Through the event, students were to exhibit a sense of belonging while interacting with fellow students.

In addition, it was an opportunity to fulfill one of the annual obligations of the club, which was to have an event during orientation. The secondary reason for having the Social Exchange barbeque event was to have Trevor Sawatzky to use his only chance before graduation to organize an event for the club that would be remembered. In addition, it was an opportunity for Trevor to develop a working manual that would help future club leaders in organizing an event. This made him follow closely the proceeding of the event as he noted them down.   The primary and secondary purposes for having the event are quite attainable and do provide justification for holding an event.

On one side, the new students get to learn more about the institution and get to make friends as they interact with other students. In addition, Trevor is able to write a guideline of event preparation, which is not very important for the event but for the future of the club. This means that future events will be conducted in a better way because of the guidelines. Question 2 In organizing the event, it was necessary for Trevor to seek information from diverse sources.

These would include event magazines, books, fellow students, and teachers. I would ensure that I develop a committee that would organize the event comprising of members of the club and a few resourceful and willing teachers within the school. In terms of the budget, it would be prudent to make the first consideration of the number of people that were required at the event. Upon knowing the population, then a budget is drawn that bears all the potential costs that are supposed to be boring, there should be a provision for miscellaneous.

Upon knowing the budget, the club should know how many resources at their disposal and then try to source for the rest of the resources. This can be done through developing proposals and meeting individuals and corporates that can help raise the funds. Trevor does well in allocating the various responsibilities available to different people. This is important so that all the students involved in various activities understand their role and feel fully obliged to them.

In order to prevent any risk during the event, there should be standby services. There should be two to three club officials handling emergencies. In addition, some money should be left to handle any emergencies and risk mitigation. All the activities carried out during the barbeque event should be assigned specific supervisors who are supposed to coordinate the efficient execution of the activities. The club patron and another teacher should be allowed to be part of the advisory team so that they can help steer the operations during the event.

Question 3 The success of the event is determined by the ability of the event to meet its objectives. The primary reason for having the event was to enhance social interactions between students across the board. Of essence is to have the new students get to interact with the other students so that they are able to adapt to the culture of the school. This can be verified through conducting requesting for feedback from some of the participants chosen at random. Consequently, the success of the event can be evaluated by just evaluating how the students (both new and old) are able to mingle after the event.

If most of the proceedings of the event adhere to the script, then the event is likely to have been successful. It is possible to tell from the faces of participants whether the event was interesting or boring. Question 4The event can be made better if there is actual participation of students across the board in activities that promote bonding and social interactions. This would entail the incorporation of the new students in preparing the barbeque, eating together and probably playing some games together; such would ensure that the students are able to mingle more that when the event involves eating only.

Another aspect that can make the event more interesting is to invite one or two celebrities especially musicians to grace the occasion; such would make the students a more lively lot.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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