Benefits of Improvement Using a Technology Solution: UMC Clinic – Case Study Example

The paper "Benefits of Improvement Using a Technology Solution: UMC Clinic is a good example of a case study on information technology.  Advancement in computer and application software has brought about a lot of efficiency in any business working environment. Technology in the UMC clinic will ensure that all the records of patients who visit the clinic will be stored in the UMC central database, and this will improve the processing of patients check-in. Records will not also be easily lost. The records that can be stored in the database include all drugs and medications available, patients, insurance policies, age, and gender. When all employees in the clinic have access to a computer, they will quickly locate records. A lot of waiting time will be reduced, and patient satisfaction will be improved. The billing software also helps to minimize costs associated with third-party companies that will reduce the profit margins of a corporation. AS-IS Process at UMC Family Clinic
The current process of operations in the UMC clinic involves very few involved parties or employees. The process of medication starts when a patient visits the clinic, and he registers with the nurse at the reception. The details are taken manually and written down in a form to capture all the details of the patient. The details are cross-checked from files in a file cabinet when the patient claims that he has regularly visited the clinic. The process takes a lot of time before the patient is given an appointment with the doctor. The patient is then scheduled to meet a doctor. Scheduling of patients is done by the nurse who acts as help desk secretary. She receives calls from patients who are making appointments with the physician in the clinic. Appointments are also done on patients who physically come to the hospital. The schedules are managed by a single scheduling software on the front desk computer.
The patients then follow the schedules to visit the doctor in his office for diagnosis and medication. The medication is issued to the patient by the second nurse who assists the physician. The billing information of the patient through his insurance company is always taken at the beginning of every year to help to make the payments. The billing of patients is done at the end of each day through a third party billing company. Billing is done by a third party company mainly because the clinic does not have billing software. The connection to the billing is done through a web browser that enables UMC hospital to log in and make payments.
The patients are required to enter their insurance afresh every start of the year even if they had registered the insurance details in the past. Entering details causes a lot of problems and frustrations to the patients since they just always hope to update the records instead of filling them afresh. The process as it wastes a lot of time for the patients. It is not secure due to a lot of data losses due to manual file storage. It is not cost-effective especially in the billing process that requires the third party billing company to be paid.
TO BE Process
The primary process in the clinic are registration and checking in on patients, scheduling of payments, doctors appointments, storage of records and billing the patients through their insurance companies. Registration of patients can be done through the creation of a website for the clinic that allows on-line registration of patients even before they make an appearance in the UMC hospital. Registration can also be done at the front desk by entering the values into a computer. All these registration methods will store the patient's records in a central database that can be easily queried every time a patient visits the clinic to verify if they are new or existing patients. The patients can also view the doctor's schedule through the UMC website to see the doctors schedule and make appointments accordingly.
When the patients visit the clinic, he is checked in through the front desk. If he had already made an appointment with the doctor either through the website or by making a call, he will just be checked into the clinic and directed accordingly. Schedules made on-line, through making calls or at the front desk are centralized and can be viewed by the doctor and all the patients so that they can see available times.
The patient is then attended to accordingly and given medications before billing details are taken. The billing will then be done through a billing software incorporated with the web system of the clinic. The records in the company will be stored in a central database. The patient's demographic details will be stored in the database as well as billing details from their insurance companies. The details will only require updating each year without the patient having to fill in the details every year. The process will also be made simpler since the patients can update their billing details through the UMC clinic website.