Corporate Sustainability Reporting at UPS Company – Case Study Example

Corporate Sustainability Reporting at UPS Company Changes in Stakeholder’s Expectations: Whenever the company tries different, unique and innovative steps in their processes and operations, then definitely the expectations of the stakeholders may also increase form the Company managers? The mission and vision statements of the UPS Company show its concerns towards the stakeholders. For this reason the expectations of the stakeholders may also rise form the Company managers. UPS Company is also focusing on the health care industry just for the customers. They are of the opinion that their business is healthy if their customers are in their best health. UPS Company has taken certain step to increase the efficiency of the supply chain network. Due to these improvements in the company matters, the stakeholders expect more and more from the company.
How UPS Respond to the Stakeholder’s Expectations?
The Company management have to take certain steps to meet the stakeholders’ expectations (Tips to Manage Stakeholder’s Expectation, 2012). UPS Company has taken many steps for the benefit of the society and these steps meet the expectations of the stakeholders. UPS have adopted the sustainability as the main constituent of their corporate strategy. The Company managers have worked hard on the logistic network just to make it more efficient and effective for the customers. UPS Company managers and the executives are working on the implementation of road safety rules because the safer world will be more sustainable. The presence of harmful gases in the environment is very dangerous for the human and other living organisms’ health.
Key Performance Indicators in the Corporate Sustainability Report:
When we talk about the corporate sustainability report, then the key performance indicators may include economic performance indicators, social performance indicators and the environmental performance indicators (Sustainability Performance Indicators, 2011). The UPS Company’s sustainability report includes all of these key performance indicators in detail. The economic indicators includes company turnover, yearly profits ratio, loss and profit ratio and the most important overall sales of the company.
Social performance indicators includes human resource practices, labor laws and practices, human rights and duties and the most importantly all the stakeholders’ issues are included in the social performance indicators. UPS Company is very much concerned with the stakeholders’ issues and thus it has taken many steps and initiatives for it. UPS Company works on relationship management with the employees and with the stakeholders. The Company also focuses on the initiatives, which can be beneficial for the overall society, like working on the gas reduction techniques. UPS Company also focuses on the resource management like water. Water conservation is very much necessary. Another important thing is that UPS Company tries to produce innovative and unique ideas in their operations and production facility. This may help them to create a good image in the market.
Benefits of Corporate Sustainability Report:
UPS Company focus on the reporting of sustainability performance and it is very much beneficial for the company. A sustainability report helps any organization to maintain their social and environmental impact on others. Sustainability reporting gains a better reputation among the competitors (Tonnello, 2012). It is also clear that sustainability reporting may also helps in the resource management and aims for the waste reduction. Both of the steps i.e. resource management and the waste reduction will help to increase the overall efficiency of the firm. A sustainability report may ask the companies to gather the detailed information of all the operations and the processes occurring in the firm. After the detailed collection of this data, the firm managers may get able to do an analysis of all the problematic areas and thus finding solutions to these problems will be easier (Tonnello, 2012).
How Stakeholders get Benefit from UPS Initiatives?
UPS offers a variety of work In Jobs that can employ many people and thus all the citizens of the society can get benefit from it. In this way, UPS Company is putting its part in reducing the unemployment form the society. UPS Company also working on the forestry issues. Now a days, the words is facing a severe problem of pollution, just because of the deforestation occurring at a very high rate in different geographical areas of the world. UPS has taken initiative to reduce or eliminate this problem and thus benefiting different stakeholders.
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