Who Should Maintain the Parks and Ballfields – Case Study Example

The paper "Who Should Maintain the Parks and Ballfields" is a great example of a law case study. The parties agreed on the following issues to be decided: “Is the maintenance of lawns and ballfields in the town parks bargaining unit work? If no, is subcontracting of the maintenance of town lawns and ballfields a violation of the agreement? If so, what shall the remedy be?” In the case, it is given that the Union has been recognized as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent. It included the truck drivers, laborers employed by the Highway and Landfill Division who is responsible for all the maintenance and construction repair duties related to public work projects and others. On the other hand, this is management’s right to get all the maintenance work timely. It is clear from the case that the work of side slopes, ditches, and brush clearance has not been done regularly by anyone, irrespective of the fact that the Contractual provision covers all the maintenance and repair duties including the recreation and forestry work. It is also clear from the case that the Union has not been able to fulfill its responsibilities due to lack of proper maintenance vehicles and other equipment. This has been the same reason for the temporary workers, students or the bargaining unit employees to fail to complete the job. It is clear from the case that the maintenance of the lawns and ballfields in the town parks is the bargaining unit’s work. However, the bargaining unit has not been able to do the work due to lack of appropriate equipment. This is the responsibility of the employer to provide proper working condition including the equipment. This is a breach of contract. Instead of verbal notification, an employer would have discussed the issues and seek a solution together. Now if the Union agrees that the employer can contract out that part of the job which is disputed. In the case Union does not agree to contract any part of maintenance work that Union has to provide a solution so that disputed work and the other maintenance work is done regularly.