Roche Holding Ag: Funding the Genentech Acquisition – Case Study Example

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The paper "Roche Holding Ag: Funding the Genentech Acquisition" is an excellent example of a case study on finance and accounting. The issuance of bonds by Roche Holding will have considerable impacts on the organization arising from the acquisition of Genentech. For instance, the company will generate more revenues by issuing its bonds to the public, which shall help with expansion strategies. This implies that the proposed acquisition of Genentech requires a financial offer that will enable the shareholders to receive attractive dividends. Another impact of the issuance of bonds is that it will reduce the risks by spreading it to different shareholders.

The investment required to acquire Genentech exposes a company to numerous risks, which need to be spread to other parties. This is essential to avoid financial distress during the economic recession period or when the market valuation drops. It is also significant that the issuance of bonds will facilitate reinvestment interests, especially if the company lowers the semi-annual payments. This can happen during the maturity period of the bond and when the rates are more than 10 percent of the issuing rate.

Alternatively, issuing the bonds to the public will increase the acquisition bid from other interested parties. This implies that other organizations that enter the deal by placing higher offers to Genentech management. It is evident that the involvement of the public through the sale of bonds is always aimed at raising capital. As a result, a private firm that has the capital can take over the offer by raising its acquisition rates. It is also imminent that the issuance of the bonds would cause no delays since it does not involve advertisement and legal formalities.

In this regard, Roche Holding should try to sell the bonds to its own shareholders to finalize the deal in good time.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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