A Business Idea: the Internet Cafe – Case Study Example

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The paper " A Business Idea: The Internet Café " is a great example of a case study on business. This business concept is based on opening an Internet Café /Coffee shop. There is a diverse amount of people in society who love flavored coffee’ s and also love to engage in all forms of activity on the internet as well. Many of these people are business proprietors themselves and enjoy getting out and relaxing once in a while. However, they need a place that is in a relaxing atmosphere so that they might be able to unwind from a hard day at work.

The Internet Café is definitely the place to go for a low-down yet jazzed up the atmosphere. It is also perfect for those moms who work from home yet at times want to venture out and have a cappuccino while carrying on with their work. Again, the Internet Café meets the needs of stay at home moms who work from home as well. It is multi-faceted with 10 desktop computers beset with headphones so the next user won’ t interfere with another customer who might be browsing on the net.

The coffee shop itself has every flavor of coffee imaginable and even has a juice bar implemented as well for those who would prefer a smoothie instead of a frappe. It is assumed that The Internet Café has something to suit just about anyone’ s needs that enjoy computers, music, coffee, and a social yet friendly atmosphere. The Internet Café ’ s Objective: There are a number of goals for this business but the main one is to invite customers into an atmosphere that can bring them down to earth.

The city where this business is being built lacks coffee shops as well as internet cafes. The purpose of combining the two together was to bring a unique opportunity to customers. People get tired of having to get in and out of their car when they have certain engagements that they must go to or business appointments online that they have to take care of. By combining a juice bar, coffee shop, and internet into one business it will suit many customers’ needs by allowing them to be able to catch up on any work that they did not complete that day, as well as allowing them to have a refreshing and flavorful cup of coffee to settle their mood.

Or, as has been stated they can choose to have the smoothie instead and the smoothie bar consists of various name brand flavors with the powdered supplements many who work out like to have added in. Some of these are carbo burners, fat burners, vitamin C powder supplements, etc. There is an abundance of different choices to choose from.

So instead of customers having to get out of the car and run in and grab their smoothie or their cup of coffee, they can come in and relax. They may order their coffee or smoothie to their particular taste and then simply pay $5.00 extra dollars along with their drink purchase so that they might have a seat at one of the available work stations. The $5.00 covers 2 hours of internet time which gives many people the exact amount of time they need to finish a report, journal article, or perhaps a financial status report.

Whatever the reason there are many ways in which they can invest their time at a pretty decent price. Most internet cafes are very expensive, charging $3.00 forever for half an hour. The Internet Café saves the customers $7.00 for offering the service in such a cost-efficient manner. The main objective is to want to have the customers return so that is why the price is kept at a minimal amount. In today’ s economy, times are tough and the Internet Café ’ s goal is not to rob people of their hard-earned money for this business is well aware of how difficult it can be to make money.

The Internet Café wants to help people save a little by offering cheaper rates and three services in one.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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