BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS (Strathfield Health Centre (SHC)) – Case Study Example

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6.5- Medicine156.6- Staff Record Maintenance156.7- Staff Payroll System156.8- Billing System156.9- Website of Strathfield Health Centre166.10- Third Part Solutions167- FEASIBILITY OF THE SYSTEM/FUTURE OUTCOME167.1 Technology and system feasibility177.2 Economic feasibility177.3 Legal feasibility177.4 Operational feasibility177.5 Schedule feasibility188- IMPLEMENTATION REQUIREMENTS188.1- Hardwar Requirements188.2- Software Requirements189- ADAPTABILITY NEW SYSTEM1910- SYSTEM SUMMARY1911- BIBLIOGRAPHY202112- APPENDIX2112.1- New System211- PREFACE The emergence of new technology has revolutionized the whole world. The new technology based systems have made our lives much easier and simple to manage. The emergence of ICT (information and communication technology) has changed the whole world and made enhanced business and corporate transformations all through the world.

The new technology based systems have turned out to be one of the main needs for business and corporate handling and management (Turban et al. , 2005), (Assimakopoulos, 1989) and (Davenport & Brooks, 2004). In this scenario the business of Strathfield Health Centre (SHC) the corporate management has decided to establish a new technology based system at the business working and operational areas. In this regard we are intended to plan and give some of main recommendations regarding the SHC new comprehensive information system technology implementation at the business that could support SHC staff in performing their duty.

Here I will present some of main recommendation and assistance for better handling and application of the new technology at the corporate. 2- HISTORY OF SHCThe corporate setup of Strathfield Health Centre (SHC) was established in 2003 through 6 young doctors in 1994. This Healthcare Centre was aimed to offer comprehensive healthcare facilities at the Strathfield region. The Strathfield Healthcare Centre has offer comprehensive facilities and support to local people and turnout to be one of main Healthcare Centre at the Strathfield region.

In this scenario this Strathfield region setup has facilitated some of main areas of health care areas like surgery, routine health check, single-purpose rooms for examination and treatment, x-ray, and physical therapy. 3- CURRENT BUSINESS PROCESSStrathfield Health Centre (SHC) is serving from lot of years and presently has established a well recognized establishment at the local community. With the potential increase in the local population of the Strathfield region in pasty few year there become a huge need emerged regarding extension of the Strathfield Healthcare Centre setup.

In this scenario the administration of the centre has decided to incorporate more Humana Resources for the better handling and management of the overall Strathfield Health Centre working aspects and areas. This will be a huge project that involves the extension of all type of facilities at the Strathfield Health Centre and better handling of all these areas. However in this project one of main aspects is the establishment of a technology based formwork at the corporate working and operational areas. In this scenario this new business working set-up will completely digitalize the Strathfield Health Centre working and operational areas.

The Strathfield Health Centre has different departments. The main departments include in-door/outdoor patient’s examination, surgery, routine health check, single-purpose rooms for examination and treatment, x-ray, and physical therapy. In this scenario business is also having insurance based business revenue generation process. This business has contact with more than 30 health insurance companies those are offering health care support to business staff. However business is also generating overall revenue through customary health care facilities offering to local community.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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