Aruba Marriot - Company Practicing an Innovative Approach to HRM – Case Study Example

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The paper "Aruba Marriot - Company Practicing an Innovative Approach to HRM" is a brilliant example of a case study on business. Strategies of HRM is considered as one of the most important functional units of an organization. Nowadays HR is a business partner. It has a key role to play in long term planning. Therefore the traditional role of HR has kept on evolving as a result of which most of the organizations inducted HR professionals in their strategic planning sections. There are many organizations in the USA who have developed a competitive advantage based on the quality of the human resource. This quality can only be developed when human resource manager is given an active role in the growth and development of an organization. Multinational companies are considered as a pioneer of developing the latest HR system which can benefit the organization. Marriot is one of the well-known restaurant chains working in the USA. They have developed there human resource management systems in such a way that employees are considered as one of the valuable assets of the organization. The contribution of human resource management is an important factor to achieve the desired results for the organization like Marriot. Aruba Marriot believes that employees should be well aware of the role which he or she has to play to the overall productivity of the organization. HR can only be considered as a business partner when the employees know about the strategic direction which has been set by the HR professionals and top management collectively. Aruba Marriot communicates its strategic directions by providing signals within the job description and job specifications. HR professionals at Aruba believe that potential employee can only contribute positively when he has a clear direction about where the company is heading in the next five to ten years (Rosenbloom, 2007). 

The quality of human resource management function can also be analyzed by looking at the level of positions which are often available within the organization. For example, if an organization keeps on creating new vacancies for its new departments and functions then it can be inferred that the organization is growing and the human resource department is attracting new talent towards their organization. However, if an organization keeps on introducing same vacancies after every five to six months then it can be inferred that organization is not able to retain talented employees or there is some issue with the culture prevailing within the organization. As far as the case of Aruba Marriot is concerned, the organization is growing and they are offering diverse positions within the organization so that they can meet the human resource requirement. Some key positions which are often offered at Aruba Marriot include front desk officer, vacation planner, door person, vacation planning coordinator, etc. The organization is associated with hospitality services business; therefore the positions available often require extrovert persons to deal with the customers politely. Aruba Marriot is a company of good repute, therefore, the people working at this organization should be well aware of the standards which could be expected from them. The organization has associated itself with well-known health and safety standard union which ensures the quality services provided by Aruba Marriot. HR manuals of an organization also indicate the level of competency and essential skills required by the organization for the effective performance of task, duties, and responsibilities (Ghemawat, 2003).
There are many interesting job positions offered by Aruba Marriot. As far as my preferred choice is concerned I believe that the job of the front desk officer suits the personality traits at which I am good. Extroversion is almost essential in the hospitality services, therefore, I have the right kind of skill to excel in the field of hospitality in general while the job of front desk officer in particular. This job also requires public relation skills, therefore, the contacts which I have developed during my education can also help in attracting potential clients for Aruba Marriot. Besides extroversion, the job of the front desk also requires a person with cool nerves. Front desk officers often have to face unsatisfied clients which can only be handled by the professionals who have the right kind of skills to manage those situations. Being a student of business communication, the knowledge gained in that subject can be applied to such situations (Karnani, 2008).
Diversity is an important issue which has been countered by the majority of organizations working in the USA. Human resource management departments of almost all organizations are receiving tons of resumes from candidates having diverse cultural backgrounds. Immigrants and expatriates are growing day by day. This means that diversified work is going to be the norm for upcoming corporate America. Human resource managers need to have the skills to manage a highly diversified workforce. They should recruit the diversified workforce to have a diversified view of resolving problems persisting within the organization. Aruba Marriot and other organizations can increase diversity by setting a quota for the recruitment of minorities within the organization. In this way, they will also contribute towards the corporate social responsibility of an organization.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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