A Pharmacists Obligation to Warn – Case Study Example

The paper "A Pharmacist’s Obligation to Warn" is a good example of a case study on medical science. A case was filed by Mr. Lasley’s family members against Dr. Helms, Shrake’s Country Club Pharmacy and especially the pharmacist in March 1991 for breaching the duty to exercise the degree of care, skill, and learning expected by them. Even the Court of Appeals ruled that a pharmacy may have a duty to warn either the customer or his/her physician if the prolonged use of any drug may lead to addiction or adverse effects. Shrakes also admitted that it had a duty to Mr. Lasley to comply with the applicable standard of care. But one of the professional virtues and self-regulation is perseverance, on which a physician abides firmly. It is through a lowly virtue but is indispensable for having the technical competence of the field. It is the strong physical and psychological drive of service towards the clients followed by a physician. He believes in the common good and non-obstructive service. Moreover, they are licensed by the state to follow the specified service. And as argued by some courts, his warnings may interfere with doctor’s prescriptions and also the lack of the patients’ medical problems hinders him to warn them. Other professional virtue of veracity also requires more than just being truthful to the patients or avoidance of truth. So, according to the virtue of trustworthiness, the role of a pharmacist is to be true to the client and to help him treat his disease keeping his confidences and to work for the client’s best interests. But this is also to be done within the limits of law and moral constraints. And any professional is a giver and the client just expects him to offer the service to meet his needs. He is paid for his work and like any other seller; the pharmacist should be legally accountable for the delivery of goods promised. And no individual can be held responsible alone but the collectivity itself including the state who limits the licensing is accountable for the standards and duties of pharmacists.