A Case Study Of A Language Learner – Case Study Example

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A Case Study of a Language LearnerIntroductionLanguage is very important in the life of every individual as it gives one a sense of belonging. It is cultural but at some point it may prove to be a slight problem. This is likely to occur when there is intercultural interaction hence, leading to miscommunication. English being one of the languages mainly used at an international level is quite an important factor. Individuals from different are encouraged to learn the language so as to improve communication during an intercultural encounter. However, learning English has proven to be quite difficult for some individuals and this is a problem that has been reflected on before.

Therefore, this paper is going to highlight on the process of learning English and some of the main difficulties faced by most individuals. Interview between Mohammed and Student Looking specifically at the interview conducted between Mohammed an adult who has found a home in Australia, the concept of English language is easily identified. Mohammed has been residing in Australia for a period of two years and although he can communicate in English, his dialect is not clear.

Listening to his speech one can easily tell that he is not comfortable speaking the language and he is still struggling with it. This may be attributed to the fact that in his home country Palestine, he was used to speaking the Arabic language. This factor has made his speech have an accent and slow down his speech. Mohammed’s approach to dialect is quite different when compared to that of an individual who is fluent in English. His original language is Arabic has affected his pronunciation of words.

He tends to emphasise on specific syllables such as adding ‘h’ to the letter t an example of this would be while he is pronouncing the word ‘talking’ so that it sounds like ‘thokin. ’ His grammar is also affected deeply by his original language. This is also connected to the fact that he might try to translate words exactly as they appear in Arabic to English. This is quite common among many individual learning the English language. Quoting directly from Mohammed’s interviews he says “it was new things for me” this might appear to be quite ambiguous but to Mohamed it makes sense.

His speech appears to be quite slow as well an indication that he is not yet comfortable with speaking the language yet. This is quite understandable among individuals who are in the process of learning English. Not only is his speech slow but he tends to repeat the words so as to improve his understanding. All these are factors that are quite common in individuals who are in the midst of learning a different language other than the one they are used to.

Concept of First and Second Language The concept of the first language is usually present in everybody’s life as it stays with them for quite a long time. This factor becomes quite noticeable in the event that an individual may opt to learn a different language (Morgan, 2010, 16). However, the concept of the first and second language is usually quite controversial especially on individuals who grew up in different places. For the case of Mohammed, he grew up in Palestine despite the fact that he was born in Lebanon, thus, the concept of first and second language is not controversial.

Hence, Arabic is his first language and this has greatly affected his English. He is quite determined to learn the language as he shows interest in it and this might be attributed to the fact that his father was an English teacher. Other that arouse interest him it did not help his speech since at home, they still spoke Arabic. Thus, his pronunciation of English words is affected by his Arabic dialect preventing him from pronouncing words correctly.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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