A Case Of Missing Person Identification Of The Skull Remain Of Miss Bianca Smith – Case Study Example

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A case of a missing PersonIdentification of the skull of Miss BiancaExpert Witness's Summary of EvidencePrepared for the ProsecutionByDr. Procttter A Manji. Bsc. (Dental surgery), Msc (Forensic Odontology), Ph. D. (Forensic Dentistry)Contents: C.VCase background Overview of the case (Scenario) Reason for referral to forensic odontologistCourt report 3.1 Recovery of skull remains 3.2 Methods 3.2.1. Human vs. Nonhuman remains3.2.2 Sex of the victim 3.2.3. Race of the victim3.2.4. Postmortem interval3.2.5. Anatomical anomalies 3.2.6.) Finding and Conclusion: Literature review 4.1 Introduction4.2 Background of forensic dentistry 4.3 The work of forensic odontologist or forensic dentist 4.4. Anatomy of the human skull.

4.5 Dental examination in the identification of skeletal remains 4.6 Determination of a deceased individual’s age 4.7 The collection of dental evidence in postmortem analysis 4.8 Estimation of the time of death. 4.9 The race of a deceased individual 4.10 Anatomical anomalies 5.0 Postmortem interval 5.1 The relevance of dental records in postmortem analysis 5.2 Postmortem analysis5.3 Comparative identification 5.4 Dental profiling in postmortem examination. 5.5. The Use of DNA in forensic odontology. 5.6.1 Genomic DNA5.6.2 Mitochondrial DNA5.7 The extraction of DNA material for forensic odontology6.0 Case Analysis6.1 Retrieval of the remains6.2 The state of the remains at retrieval 6.3 Sex determination. 6.4 The age of the deceased individual 6.5.

The race of the deceased individual 6.6 Anatomical anomalies6.7 postmortem interval 7 Conclusion 8.0 List of glossary 9.0 ReferenceC. VProctter A. Manji 1.1 Education2002 Ph. D. Forensic dentistry (Nottingham University – united kingdom). 2000 Master degree in Forensic odontology (Oxford University)1996 Bachelor degree in dental surgery (university of Washington). 1.2 Awards2004 silver Medal for efforts in the identification of dental records from an Australian plane crash by the government of Australia.

2006 awarded the best forensic dentist award in Australia. 1.3 Teaching and work experience2003 up to date professor in the department of forensic science UWA Australia. 2000-2003 forensic research assistant with the Australian federal bureau of investigation 1997-2000 Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Forensic dentistry, School dental medicine UWA, Australia. 1.4 professional Development. 2004 forensic odontology work shop organized by the association of forensic dentists in Australia. 2006 a work shop on the characterization and analysis of DNA for forensic identification organized by the Australian federal bureau of investigation. 2007. Attended the global DNA analysis summit in Ottawa Canada organized by the human genome project organization 1.5 Publications. The role of the skull morpholology in the identification of skeletal remains by T.

Humphrey and P. JakesDate of publication: 2008/12/10The advantages of genomic DNA in the forensic analysis of dental recordsDate of publication: 2007/5/8The extraction of Dental DNA in the identification of charred skeletal remainsDate of publication: 2009/1/5.1.6 Professional membership Member of the Australian association of forensic dentists since 2006Fellowship of American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Member of the Australian dental medicine society Signature 21st Aug 2007Case background 2.1 Over view of the case (Scenario)On the 21st of February 2002, Bianca Smith a female of 23 years was reported missing.

According to a report by her mother Miss Bianca is of white skin with a height of 167 cm. she is of dark hair and blue eyes. She is a club attendant and sometimes spends the night at a friend’s. The club she works at is at Perth city and the residence of the friend is close to the club. On questioning the friend miss Baker, she told the police that the victim was on drugs and had not come to her house on the night of her disappearance.

It also emerged that the victim got a lot of attention from the club. The police went on with the investigation in vain. This led to Miss Bianca being recorded among missing persons.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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