50 Fires Situations in the United Kingdom and All Over the Worlds – Case Study Example

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The paper "50 Fires Situations in the United Kingdom and All Over the Worlds" is a good example of a case study on engineering and construction. The descriptions of the occurrence of people more than 20 miles away were that a  loud rumble, which was initially thought to be thunder or a passing plane, much like the Concorde. Company officials were apologetic concerning the inconvenience and issued a warning to the general public that the explosion did not present any danger, and there were no public health issues which might arise. Gas and Pipeline explosion rocks Russia; Source New Zealand Herald. co. NZ July 26,  2007A huge explosion and fire hit a major gas pipeline in northwest Russia, but there  were no reports of casualties and it was unclear if exports were disrupted.   It was an explosion on a trunk pipeline under high pressure.

The explosion  happened at a point where the pipeline ran close to a power station on the northern outskirts of St. Petersburg. The force of the blast blew out the power station. It destroyed  a 50-meter long section of the 80 cm diameter pipeline.   Officials released a statement saying there were no casualties and no evacuations  were ordered and there was no danger to people's lives.

When people as far away 2  kilometers said they heard a loud whistle then a very loud rumble before an explosion,   the noise and explosion set off car alarms which prompted many people to exit their  dwellings. Hundreds die in Nigerian fuel blast; Source BBC News May 12, 2006 More than 150 people have been killed in an explosion at a petrol pipeline near  Nigeria’ s largest city, Lagos. Reports suggest that the blast may have been caused by an attempt to tap illegally into the pipeline.

Vandals drilled holes into the pipeline to steal fuel.   Officials found more than 500 jerry cans at the scene which leads them to believe that there are additional injured people. The officials made an appeal to those possibly  injured by the blast to come forward, so they might receive medical attention. In previous years there have been seven other occurrences of pipeline explosions, all of them were  attributed to the same cause; October 1988, at least 1,000 people were killed on Jesse, March 2000 at least 50 killed in Abia, July 2000 360 killed in Wari, June 2003 105 killed  in Abia, September 2004 60 killed on Lagos, and December 2004 20 killed in Lagos. The pipeline passes through poor communities, where the people usually exploit  the pipes to steal fuel.

Officials issued an appeal to Nigerians to discontinue the practice of tapping into the pipeline. Oil workers airlifted off of blazing North Sea Platform; Source; The Scotsman  Frank Urquhart, March 17, 2006 A major investigation was launched into the cause of a blaze that led to nearly 130  oil workers being airlifted from a North Sea Platform, owned by Shell.

The government’ s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is looking into the fire, which is believed to have  begun after a high-voltage electrical motor overheated. It is believed that the origin of the fire was situated in the gas compression  module. The various sprinkler systems in different parts of the installation were firing off, causing confusion about what exactly the extent of the fire was.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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