April Uprising - John Butler Trio's Album and Performance – Case Study Example

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The paper “ April Uprising - John Butler Trio’ s Album and Performance” is a  dramatic example of a case study on music. The moving and innovative talent of The John Butler Trio's in music is best displayed by this album, right from the first to the last of every track therein. Uniquely though, the album is arranged in a manner that expression and emotion stream to the end. To recommend for it in one's music library is the last thing one would ever mention regarding this exceptional album of talent and skill.

The April Uprising is unique, exclusive and matchless, the quality that has made it a highly demanded album that is constantly played in iTunes. As history tells, the album is named after John's adventure to Bulgaria. A close connection is also made between John's visit to his ancestors in Bulgaria and the episode, "Who Do You Think You Are" on television. This visit has been pronounced as a prominent factor that contributed to the nature and content of the April Uprising album. The masterpiece, as it is presented in the view of its name and the story at the back, creates a sense of vision and inspiration as could be beheld by Trio.

The early 2000s was not period for Australia to export great music but one wonders how it managed to shrug off in the epoch of electronic euro-trash. Evidently, The John Butler Trio takes a seat in the spotlight and steps into the void. Of recent, a live performance in Australia, Red Rocks, was extremely impressive as it was characterized by outstanding accuracy, musicality, and amazing live presence. As the sound in the studio, the band on the stage is tight.

The techniques that John Butler is fond of using are captivating. At the mention of his name, the construction of an 11 string from a 12 string octave G invades the mind. Don't forget to mention his steel lap guitar too. This album is a heavy display of John Butler's acoustic skills. Precisely, the tones and back melodies can only be heard with keen listening as for instance in the listening of his "Ocean" in this album. Byron Luiters and Nicky Bombay are the two talents musician that has helped The John Butler to achieve the current status. Though John gets himself out of some scenes in this album, the makeup of the band unveils the rhythmic role he plays.

Apart from supplying the music to the singer, they also supply the musical accompaniment, making it a masterpiece. Butler shines from the texture that bassist, Byron Luiters, and dramatist Nicky Bombay adds thus making him an acoustically-driven guitarist of all time. They have it right, and they do it right since it is a matter of balance.

The song, "I'd Do Anything" is a catchy one, and "Don't Wanna See Your Face" is one of the frequently played. It is an incredibly long album with over six tracks, and if you aren't sure of following, you will easily lose track. The first song starts seriously and mysteriously, evolving slowly and vividly. An enjoyable chorus follows after a boring sound of a blunt guitar.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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