My Attachment at Ammico Contracting Company in Doha, Qatar – Capstone Project Example

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The paper "My Attachment at Ammico Contracting Company in Doha, Qatar" is a great example of a capstone project on engineering and construction. The second part of my attachment period was more eventful than the first part because I was more involved in the duties and responsibilities of the different sections. These included the construction sections, the procurement section, the logistics section and the safety section. The people with whom I worked as well as the supervisors in charge of these operations began to trust me more and hence provided more opportunities for me to get involved in the work assigned to their sections.

I was therefore accorded more freedom with the machinery and equipment, which enabled me to learn more about the work protocols of Ammico Contracting Company. 2.0 Workplace Background My last 30 days at Ammico Contracting Company were spent in the field, where I benefitted from direct participation in company projects and assignments. The duties and responsibilities assigned to me during this period were meant to hone my skills in the civil engineering field and provide me with hands-on experience.

Drilling and backfilling of boreholes took up the first few days of the second part of this attachment. As a qualified member of the safety department, I was to make sure all safety measures pertaining to the work to be accomplished were met. I was involved in making sure that the vehicles were utilised in the correct order, as required by the supervising officer. I was also in charge of making sure that the work site was free from materials that could cause slippage, tripping or falling of the workers. Due to the fact that I was pursuing civil engineering and was considered a quick learner, I was sometimes tasked with training the workers in safety features and precautions prior to commencement of work.

The health, safety and environmental officer and the site supervisor also tasked me with ensuring that the area of operation was clear of debris. During drilling operations, I was also tasked with making sure an area that was smooth and hard was available to hold the micro drilling rig machine. The preparation of a fire safety plan as well as ensuring the workers utilized the appropriate protective devices such as hard hats, safety shoes and safety glasses was my responsibility (Ammico 2010a). The duties and responsibilities with which I was tasked during the other work procedures were not very different from those I carried out during the drilling and backfilling of boreholes.

The technical details changed, but the safety functions remained. During piling, my duties and responsibilities involved positioning of the floating barge and the placement and adjustment of the template used in pile driving. I also helped in the removal of the pile driving templates and the temporary files used in the operation (Ammico 2010d).

Apart from my involvement in the operational side of the work, I was also involved in the design phase of the projects under construction. I was involved in the analysis and evaluation of load behaviour and the reaction of concrete to sustained loads during background anchoring (NCHRP 2009). During grouting, I was tasked with coming up with mechanisms that would prevent the tipping over of the grout pump, as well as making sure conditions were ideal for the flow of concrete.

In some instances, I was assigned with ensuring that the movement of equipment and personnel were up to specifications. The experience I gained during this period was vital to my development, as I became familiar with most of Ammico’ s civil engineering operations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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