Engineers without Borders – Capstone Project Example

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The paper "Engineers without Borders" is a great example of a capstone project on engineering and construction. Before starting to get indulged with Engineers without Borders, I had my personal expectations.   After a stretched indulgence with the EWB, I can testify that the experience has been awesome and most of my expectations have been fulfilled in a very satisfying way. I can say that the experience has been fulfilling and adventurous. I have gained a skill that I had anticipated and some of which I did not expect. Ideally, studying about EWB has enabled me achieve the aim in my career.

Having a passion for Information and technology has broadened my sphere on how to approach real-life issues and solve them. These are the main issues that concern information communication technology. This has enabled me to identify areas where society has embraced technology as well as the areas that still face challenges. I have developed into more of a leader as I have been nurtured to be responsible and accountable for the action that I do and those that we do collectively with my team.

At first, I was not sure of my abilities to undertake risk but after these committed activities at the EWB, I have gained the mental strength to undertake risk. Through some projects at the EWB, I have been able to expand my knowledge on various diverse issues that surround me because there are something’ s that I did not specialize on but now I can undertake due to my experience with my team and other stakeholders. Through EWB I have been able to work with other stakeholders to address the deficiency of basic necessities such as clean water, adequate sanitation, energy, communication technology, engineering education, and even waste systems.

Some of these activities performed and skills gained at the EWB were first very unfamiliar as they were very different from my major field of study but as time went by I gain momentum and appreciated the need to take part in such. Some of the activities I undertake are very familiar to my major field of study and I felt at home while undertaking them. I can say that I am now rich in diverse knowledge and I appreciate the skills, knowledge, and experience that I have received during my commitment to the EWB. Motivations of Studying at the University Although as a student I felt enthusiastic about learning I still needed inspiration, challenges, and stimulation from my environment so as to motivate me.

Whatever amount of motivation brought to the university always transforms either for better or worse taking into account its results. In this semester, engineering has explored my passion for technology. This has impacted positively on my major (computer systems).

The skills I have acquired have enabled me to understand networking practice as well as computer hardware and software technology (Padilla, 2009). It has been interesting to learn how the software part is integrated with the hardware so as to achieve their desired function.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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